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Anger and People Pleasing - the driving force behind an autoimmune disease . :Rakshaa Chhabriaa

Being diagnosed with an Auto Immune can be absolutely frustrating, fearful , panic driven , unbelievable and what not ?

Firstly , we have to deal with all these emotions before we come to the place of acceptance.

Yes it’s nerve wrecking to be diagnosed with an auto immune and being told it’s incurable . The burden just gets heavier and nobody knows what to do , where to look for help besides medication .

We need to get emotionally and mentally more strong too to cope up with the stress of an auto immune and its flare ups .

Learning about the mental emotional and spiritual meaning of autoimmune diseases can be empowering and help us start our healing process and take better care of ourselves.

Autoimmune diseases cover a range of conditions in which the immune system attacks itself rather than foreign bacteria and viruses .

Arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Grave’s disease, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, and lupus are all autoimmune diseases.

There is no apparent reason why some people get autoimmune diseases and others do not.

There is no specific cure medically for an autoimmune disorder .

The medicines only work symptomatically to help lessen pain and suffering caused by them.

Learning the spiritual aspects of our illnesses, rather, can help us learn something about how best to support our bodies, hearts, and spirits as they are.

Many autoimmune diseases center around inflammation .

In a healthy immune response, inflammation helps heat up the body and kill bacteria and virus . When these defenses are turned against the self, this can be a source of pain and discomfort that can feel self-perpetuating.

Energetically, heat is related to the emotion of anger. Anger can be understood as the emotional body’s immune system or response .

It shows up to protect the self, to patrol its boundaries, and to ensure the self gets what it needs.

When we consistently ignore or suppress our anger, it may have nowhere to turn but inward.

Anger looks like :

* It can be rageful — like an out-of-control monster mommy when the kids are pushing her buttons during the day that she just can’t possibly take anymore.

* It can look like giving the stink eye to her husband and being irritated at everything he does because he said something that hurt her feelings or was insensitive.

* In fact, It also sometimes feels like you develop a superhero level of anger repression that comes in the form of passive aggressiveness.

* It can look like a smiling and happy face and, “Everything is just fine!” as you commit to ignoring and suppressing the things that really hurt and bother you .

Anger is like the gun loaded with bullets waiting for the trigger to be pulled .

Being angry at the disease itself , at the body for dis functioning , at themselves for being the way that they are, and even at past events that continue to haunt them — but they often also tell themselves that they shouldn’t outwardly express their frustrations.

Instead, they ignore them , bottle them up, only adding to their body’s stress response.

it’s okay to be angry. Anger is natural, it is useful, and we ALL experience it. The key is to express your anger and move through it, rather than stewing in it .

Navigating and understanding your anger and triggers is extremely important . “Why does this bug me so much? My emotions just go out of control!“I’m an angry person — who the heck could love such ugliness?” and so on.

Anger can wreak havoc on our immune systems

Unaddressed anger often creates problems in relationships both at home and in the workplace. But beyond that, it can have devastating physical consequences.

Whether outbursts or suppressed - Both types of anger are associated with heart disease, stroke, cancer and auto immune diseases .

It can not only aggravate autoimmune symptoms but it can also stand in the way of the healing process.

Healing the anger is the only solution . Bach remedies work on the different anger responses , triggers and other trauma and emotions associated with anger . It transforms the energy of anger into love which is light and fluid .

The nervous system ther y calms down and immune system functions happily n correctly in due time .

The interaction between our mind and bodies and more about the profound connection of our thoughts and emotions on our immune system definitely fast tracks our healing process .

As a bach therapist and emotional energy coach I teach my clients to use their emotion of anger as a guide.

This helps us get to the root cause of their anger, what it feels like and maybe affects some specific part of the body .

Getting the anger out of your body in a wild, unconventional way can lead to a euphoric feeling—it’s just the emotion living out its life cycle. But consciously and mindfully giving your anger permission to throw itself out or transform itself into a better energy is owning your anger and being its master.

Let’s take charge and understand the anger auto immune connection and heal ourselves with bach remedies that target calming the nervous system .

Rakshaa chhabriaa is a well known Bach therapist and nervous system coach .

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