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Bach Therapy helps Companies Optimise Efficiency Productivity and earn Billions of Dollars - Rakshaa Chhabriaa

The emotional mental health epidemic has been growing at an alarming rate and remains a growing concern around the world due to stigma as well as lack of awareness and the assumption of the cost of emotional mental health therapy being expensive and only for the rich and famous .

Stress is something everyone experiences. Despite being unpleasant, stress in itself is not an illness but definitely a cause of most illnesses .

Some of the emotional and behavioural patterns of stress also indicate emotional health conditions like Anxiety or Depression.

This can make it hard to distinguish where one begins and the other ends, or which came first. Someone who is stressed may feel worried, low , unable to concentrate or make decisions, irritable and angry , withdrawn and not being able to enjoy the present moment and ignoring it can only cause further harm .

It affects more than just how one thinks, feels and behaves but also affects his work life , family life , career , friends etc .

According to research ,one in five adults struggle with emotional and mental challenges , but view these struggles as a personal flaw rather than an emotional health issue.

As a result, they go untreated and cost an estimated $1 trillion or more every year globally to the economy due to lost productivity.

In fact, anxiety is the most common issue affecting humans across the globe across all ages , caste , creed , professions from teenagers and students to senior management executives and impacting millions eventually .

Although alternative natural plant based Bach Remedies are available for anxiety , stress , depression and a whole lot of others including fears , brain fog , confusion , unable to make decisions , procrastination , sleep issues and other emotional issues that everyone probably goes thorough on a daily basis , barely a few thousand people pay attention and actually look out for bach remedies .

Billions of dollars are lost every year by companies due to loss of productivity and absenteeism.

As a Bach therapist , we help employees navigate challenges in their personal and professional lives, and when employees use the remedies , more than 90% of the times we have seen that the remedies have helped them manage their work-life balance and they showed improvements in work engagement, life satisfaction, presenteeism and a decrease in absenteeism and workplace distress.

Almost 70% people I would say right from Senior Management Executives to Juniors when asked - admit to being stressed and not knowing how to handle that stress.

The Senior Management Executives commented that their stress often stems from their teams and younger workers who often display entitlement and are also not well equipped to handle everyday work stresses and lack the experience and coping strategies .

As unrealistic as it may sound to many, when chronic stress is left untreated, it increases the risk of developing Depression or Anxiety.

Bach Remedies are for this exact reason, to help employees work through their life challenges and literally eradicate stress from their nervous systems .

There is a huge and urgent need for all people who are living a modern day lifestyle to understand that wellness has to be a proactive approach and dependency on medicines lifelong is not a solution . Instead working on the root cause and maintaining a balanced nervous system is the only way to an absolutely sustainable healthy happy life .

Bach remedies I say are the modern day vitamins and supplements for the emotional body and mind of course that too only at the cost of a meal or coffee at a good restaurant .

I hereby also reinforce our commitment to confidentiality as the shame of needing help is still a challenge even as millennials change the way people look at and think about emotional and mental health. The fear and shame of being reported and having a negative feedback also is detrimental to seeking help .


Heal so you have perfect health and Hapiness in your life .

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