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Bach Therapy for Building Immunity - Raksha Chhabria

Do Emotions really affect the immune system ?

The two are crucially connected because When one feels an emotion, the immune system immediately registers the changes and adjusts to it .

This has been proved in various studies and researches conducted .

That is the reason why doctors ask every patient “ what is your stress ? “

Affect and emotion are defined as “an essential part of the process of a humans interaction with stimuli.”

According to research , frequently exposing yourself to negative moods and emotions may change the way the immune response functions and increases the risk of inflammation .

It is well proven that hot headed individuals who get enraged and triggered very easily or have experienced trauma , sadness , grief , overthinking, irritation and anger and negative moods either several times per day or for extended periods of time definitely have higher levels of inflammation biomarkers in their blood .

On the other hand , blood samples of people experiencing positive moods was associated with lower inflammation levels.

Therefore , the immune system is just a “ tool” the body uses to interact with the external environment. This is the reason we also learn to distinguish between what we like and what we do not like, to counteract a broad range of challenges, and to adjust to the environment we are living in.

If you want to protect or rather strengthen your Immune System research suggests you should consider your emotions.

Mental and Emotional health is not simply a matter of managing thoughts and feelings, but rather, a very important part of your overall health .

Psycho Neuro Scientists have examined the cross talk between the emotions , feelings and brain, endocrine, and immune systems and how this communication subsequently impacts health .

Bach therapy subtly changes fundamental emotional responses to anger, anxiety, fears , stress , overthinking , procrastination, sadness , dejection , hopelessness etc changing it to more positive and cheerful feelings .

As we start changing the the feelings below us , the situation above us responds the same way .

The Bach remedies start changing the cross talk between the Brian and immune system to a positive and healthy one and starts working towards protecting the body and strengthening it .

Plus bach remedies are 100% natural , safe , gluten free , vegan and can be taken along side any form of medication as a support therapy initially .

My passion for healing people with Bach Remedies makes me explore innumerable permutations and combinations that run into millions of combinations based on the personal responses of every individual.

Path to Improved Health is based on our mind body connection and we can strengthen the mind body connect with bach remedies .

So whether you suffer from colds and coughs often or you are a victim to ulcers and cysts you can truly alter the state by altering your feelings with Bach Remedies

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