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"Transforming Your Inner World with Bach Remedies: Rakshaa Chhabrriaa

“ Bach Remedies For The Modern World “ By Rakshaa Chhabriaa .


The Thoughts, Attitudes and Negative Emotional aspects make the “Software Within us - our Beingness”.

This way of Being, in turn, affects “ Our Hardware - our Body - Outside Us “ in certain ways bringing up a multitude of problems in life besides Ilness and Disease.

This piece Combines a plethora of my knowledge in various Modalities and Sciences and outlooks leading to 1 bottom line : “ The Inside us creates the Outside of us “.

The Elemental Dysfunction caused and the Organs that are affected due to Emotional Disturbance are innumerable .

The Elements referred to here are : Water, Fire, Space (Ether), Wind and Earth.

The Negative & Confused State affects the Wind element and Vice Versa .

All Movement in the Body is caused by the Wind (Vaayu).

This Movement includes the Movement of Thoughts.

Wind needs to be kept under control in the Body because if left unchecked, it can be as devastating to the body as a Cyclone or Typhoon is to the Earth.

The Oscillating Mind Set creates Emotional Instability and even Physical Disturbances affecting various important organs.

This state is almost invisible to common people and general passes of as a Young State or Learning State.

At any Age if you are encountering this state then addressing it is important.

The following Issues arise when you are in the Wind Imbalance State :

1. Fluctuating Diabetes

2. Stiff Neck

3. Unstable BP

4. Periodic Bloating

5. Hypertension

6. Strokes

7. Paralysis

8. Cramps and Shifting Pains

9. Trembling

10. Fainting & Dizziness

11. Vertigo.

All these conditions have an Affinity to Certain Organs in your Body and are at the Root Cause level merely the Wind Element in the Body going haywire .

These conditions directly affect the Liver and at the Emotional level ( Cellular lLevel ) , they cause severe Mood Swings, Difficulty in Being Assertive, Poor Decision Making Abilities allowing the person to become more and more Disoriented and Apprehensive.

All of the above in turn provides just the right conditions for Anger and Disappointment to grow disproportionately.

Besides the Liver, the Gall Bladder also gets affected and hampers Decision-Making Abilities and the Will To Achieve.

Disruptions within the Spleen hamper nutrients from being fully absorbed in the Blood.

The Hyperactive Brain then starts using up most of the Energy Reserves to handle all the Stress Within instead of Facilitating the process of Repair within the Body.

As a result, the Overall Health of the Body suffers.

Due to the Trigger of Over Thinking, Procrastination sets in and there is a growing need to Rest, Recoup and Regain the 'Lost Energies’.

This need to Rest, Do Nothing, grows into Lethargy which eventually leads to Depression.

In all this Disorganised and Disruptive functioning,

Bach Remedies quietly endeavour to bring about Harmony, Co-ordination and Control.

Bach Remedies Clear the Mind of its Foggy Ways, allowing for Clarity and Concentration to return and providing the much needed Stability and Solace to the Body, Mind and Spirit.

The Bach Remedies Orchestrate to create a Harmony in all internal movements within the Body like Blood Circulation, Thinking, Digestion, Movement Of Bowls and Respiration to name a few.

They also look after Small Issues like Excessive and Frequent Hiccups, Sneezing, Day Dreaming , Sleeping, etc.

Bach Remedies are absolutely necessary in today’s world to get rid of stress and anxiety and maintain a happy healthy life .

Rakshaa Chhabrriaa is a Certified Bach Therapist & l Transformation Coach from Uk and deals with Kids as well as Adults .

Insta link : rakshaachhabriaa

Facebook : Rakshaa Chhabriaa

Linked In : Rakshaa Chhabriaa


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