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Aspire to inspire before you expire: Dr Pratik Mungekar

The excitement of Journey: Aspiring to Inspiring Edition 2 was at its peak on 11th September 2022 with an ideal venue Symbiosis Auditorium, Viman Nagar Pune

As a result of continuous efforts with the idea of Mrs Saravjeet Kirad, and Implementation from Mrs Shweta Pankaj the Journey-: Aspiring to Inspiring has launched on the eve of Teachers day on 4 September 2021 with the idea to give due respect to the educators who are the pillars, The backbone of the education system and the building blocks of our society who help us Lay a firm foundation of knowledge and wisdom.

this year 2022 The Complete event was Conceptualized by -: ScholarsTree Educare Private Limited, Eduthon Education Beyond Syllabus


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During the show, we got an opportunity to hear Dr Pratik Mungekar 's amazing speech, so here is an exclusive transcript for the speech

I believe all of us have seeds of greatness within us. Because we were created in the image of God, He has left His “fingerprints” all over our lives. Our ability to think, reason, create, discover, and much, much more, proves that each one of us is special and unique. Rest assured that you are no mistake! We all face difficult challenges from time to time, but one thing is true; every life has great worth and incredible value.

Though our time here on this planet is relatively brief, each of us should aspire to do what we can to inspire and help others in the limited amount of time we are given. No one is an island unto himself. Whether we realize it or not, our lives all touch many other lives. We should do everything in our power to inspire, help, and encourage others as we journey together in this thing called “life”. Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States, once said, “Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though chequered with failure, than to live in that grey twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.”

As I read that quote, it touched me deeply. I think, in the past, I have liked living in the grey twilight too much! It is a safe place to live. Unfortunately, there is a tiny victory there. In those few words, President Roosevelt reminds us how important it is to try to do something to better our lives and circumstances. Sure, we may fail in the process, but to try and fail was better than not trying at all. How many people never attempt great things because they are afraid they might fail? I once heard that the fear of success is greater than the fear of failure! I find that odd, because I know from first-hand experience, that the results of failure cannot compare to the rewards of success.

Excellence is a way of life that requires strong emotional intelligence, focus, passion, and energy. The journey towards excellence can be challenging, but you’ll progress quickly when you make the effort to develop habits that allow you to thrive.

Aristotle once wrote, “Excellence is an art won by training and habituation.” In other words, when we do the right things, we can achieve the virtue of excellence, thus becoming a habit. I believe to be successful we must place a sharp focus on the things that are most important to us in life. This may force us to make some tough, but critical decisions.

The pursuit of excellence

How many of us take on more than we should? It’s problematic when we spread ourselves too thin because it prevents us from performing at our best. When this occurs, excellence gets moved down the priority list reducing our momentum. Undeniably, the pursuit of excellence can be a rocky road especially if you’re living what I refer to as a “drive-by life”. I’m guilty of trying to cram too much into my day, often driven by my passion; however, this can derail my journey to excellence.

We are a work in progress

Our lives are a work in progress; we make lists and choices that have a direct impact. Living a life of excellence requires the practice of emotional intelligence competencies such as self-awareness and self-reflection regularly. From there, we must examine our priorities.

Excellence does not mean perfection

Recognizing the benefits of focusing on self-improvement rather than perfection, as well as the importance of making errors and learning from them is vital. We all make mistakes and take the odd wrong turn on our life’s journey. But if we pause long enough each day to prioritize what’s important to us, we’ve cleared the path ahead for progress and the next steps toward excellence.

5 strategies to get you back on track:

Visit your values - what matters to you?

Listen more than you speak.

Get in tune with your emotions, they send important messages.

Get to know what makes you tick.

Strengthen your focus to be more productive.

It’s never too late to up your game and creates your journey to excellence.

You see, greatness always comes with a price. The “grey twilight of life” that former President Roosevelt talked about is a sad place to live! It represents that medium place that knows neither victory nor defeat. When I was in high school, I remember a coach telling one of my fellow teammates that he was only showing mediocre ability. My friend looked at the coach and said, “What does mediocre mean?” The coach said, “What you just did was not bad, but neither was it good. It was just sort of in the middle.”

Not meaning to be a smart aleck, my friend said, “I thought when you told me I was being mediocre that you were telling me I was like pudding. Isn’t mediocre a brand of pudding?” I will never forget the coach’s amused response, “I think you are getting mediocre mixed up with tapioca!” Even though the coach thought it was funny, my friend still had to run laps! As you continue in your life, seek greatness. Aspire to new heights that you have never before attempted. When you do, you will inspire other people and yourself as well. All of us are facing that moment we will expire, but in the meantime, let’s do all we can to make this day, this trip, this journey, and this life, all it was meant to be!

Thank you for your attention.

1) He Kingdomfirst Indian to be appointed as the planetary Minister of Sustainable Development of Newly emSustainableKingdom of Atlantis (a Decentralized Sovereign kingdom)

2) He is the first youngest Indian whose book Introduction to sustainable Development Goals (Non-Academic) is now part of the Atlantean Education program.

3) He is the first youngest Indian to receive 250+ Honorary Doctorates from all over the world.

4)He is the first youngest Indian professor who taught more than 8000+ Students & Career guided 4000+ Students to date & the count is still on.

5) He is the first Indian who has 700+ International, National & State Awards at the age of 28 for his contribution to the field of Teaching & Research.

6) He is the youngest Indian to receive 125+ Honorary High Degrees across the Globe.

7) He is the first Indian to be appointed by 35+ International organisations in various High-positions at the same time.

8) He is the first youngest Indian to be appointed as an Ambassador by 36 organizations of many countries in almost all disciplines.

9) He is the first Indian youngest professor to start teaching at the age of sixteen, the age of twenty Seven He has completed twelve years of Teaching.

10) He is the first Youngest Indian to receive Royal &Prestigious Titles such as 1)Lecturus Magnificus (L.M.), 2) H.R.H. 5* Duke.

11) First Youngest Indian to receive Mendeleev’s Fellowship ( United Kingdom’s Highest Academic Honour).

12)First Indian to receive the distinguished title “Professor Wisdom” from Institución Cultural Colombiana Casa Poética Magia y Plumas , Colombia South America.

Today, the name of Prof. Dr Pratik Rajan Mungekar is no longer common but is emerging as a distinguished Scientist, Professor, World Educationist, Published Writer, Counsellor, Social Worker and an International Speaker

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