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And All Publishing is going to host a demo session by Devangini Mahapatra Chauhan

And All Publishing has been at the helm of path-breaking solutions for authors and everyone else in the publishing ecosystem. While the publishing house started as a one-stop shop for self-publishing, award-winning founder and authorpreneur Devangini Mahapatra Chauhan is now focused on taking writing and publishing a step forward.

She has developed a unique spreadsheet model with writing blocks that can be filled in - and before you know it, you have a book ready to be published! This tool has been developed in the And All studio to help students and aspiring writers. The good news? Two of her writers have already successfully written and published their first books online - in merely 3 months!

Devangini is now having a demo session to show how you can write your book with her tool. Her mentorship has extended to individual workshops and even poetry events in the past.

For more on And All, do visit @contentandall and or

About Devangini Mahapatra Chauhan

Devangini Mahapatra Chauhan is a woman entrepreneur who has worked towards uplifting authors and building better reading habits. With her consistent work through her publishing house and upcoming ‘read, write and learn’ app, she is always on the lookout to help writers, students and thought leaders with easy to use solution

Her books Speed BreakersandWhere's My Cloak can be found on Amazon Kindle and she also co-authors projects. Apart from publishing, writing and editing, she primarily helps brands find a voice to effectively navigate social media waves. She has created social media and blog content for brands like MBD Publishing, Religare Finvest Limited, Just Words, Homify, Big Basket, Amazon India, Manipal Hospitals, Save the Children India, Jagdish Store, Once Upon a Trunk and various others across India, Canada, and the USA. With an emphasis on multi-platform brand building and state of the art blog sculpting, she helps brands deliver effective and unique engagement with their core message in place. Besides this, she is also familiar with SEO, SMO and CRM content, and has generated campaigns for many of her clients. She writes and edits for various online forums like,, the Green Evangelist and others. Some of her pieces have been published in Women's Era, The Times of India, and The New Indian Express.

As an entrepreneur and author, Devangini has always dreamt big and empowered the people she works with. Her dream of mentoring authors with automated tools and a publishing marketplace is ready to come to life as an app. While she started out as a content writer, she has created a whole new niche of book mentoring and publishing services in India. Much acclaim and awards have followed thanks to her efforts as she matches precise business thinking with creative values!

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