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“ Do You Want To Meet Love Of Your Life”? Find In Yourself, I Found In My Business- Vinutha Nagaraju

I am a Vinutha Nagaraju , free spirited, 29 years Old, Traveler ( Traveled 16 countries so far and counting on) and Dreamer , never wished to come out of my comfort zone, always loved my Job , started my corporate career in 2012 as a Purchase Engineer, then Supply chain Executive and my most recent profile was Executive assistant. I was happy with everything what I had but always wanted to do something on my own, however I didn’t have a push to leave my comfort zone.

2020 was the time everyone was scared, worried about Covid-19 and its issues. I was one of them who had a fear of losing job, there I thought before its too late I should take decision. I started thinking, what I am good at ?what are my strong points ? What I wished? What I want to be ??

After thinking so much, deep inside me there was wise , stubborn, passionate Vinutha woke up and made a decision of being entrepreneur. Being a normal middle class family, we always believed in fixed Income ,when I shared my decision it was a mix reaction from family members however they believed in me.

Having worked in corporate world, I am good in coordination, management, Negotiation (Sales & Purchase).

This propelled me to register my company called WESTERN WINDOW, which works in the field of Revenue Generation service and commodity Trading. I started looking for the food Industries which are in Villages, lacks in Marketing skills, there I approached and started generating sales for them.Jag grey Cube & Flavored Jag grey Powder is the major FMCG product which Western Window is selling across South Indian Super market such as METRO, BIG BASKET, AMAZON.

Being a south Indian always had a special interest on Coconut, coconut trading is the industry where arguably NO GIRLS are doing trading business so far, where I started to Export Coconuts from Karnataka’s Farm to Dubai.

So in a span of 6 months I could develop 4 customers, who are associated with me and Generating good revenue, therefore its being possible for me to run my business.

Passionately working on Goals and being loyal to my customers, Finding Happiness in reaching every milestone. 2020 has turned out to be a golden year for me professionally.

As a woman I feel that starting business for women is not easy. Right from street side business to setting up a big scale industry. There we try to show and acknowledge we women exist and empower the world.

Western Window is in a nascent stage. It has just born. I need to work hard to flourish it.

if you want to connect with me , make a call or drop a message on 8888867573 else you can email on

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Meghana Anand
Meghana Anand
Mar 06, 2021

Way to go girl! More power to you ❤

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