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Stay Productive 15 hours a day - Lawyers' Diary by Arunima Jha

Work can sometimes be overwhelming and exhausting. There are times when you have no motivation and you're not bothered to do very much.

Through this post I would like to share, nothing hugely ground-breaking, but just the things I think we all need to be reminded of and focus on when we are going through a difficult patch. Digging into the science of things we should probably be doing more of.

First and foremost fueling your body is really important but when at times when I am crazily busy I find that food very quickly slips down the list of my priorities. So I end up often feeling like oh I will just buy a quick takeaway meal or I will push lunch back and back and I will get to 5 pm when I haven't had lunch and I enter this kind of vicious cycle of unhealthy eating. The impact of going through these cycles is that you either don't eat for ages because you're super busy or you binge eat as you're absolutely starving is more than just physical. It affects your mood and mental well-being too. This can lead to a sudden spike in your energy level due to the blood glucose level and sometimes a sudden dip in your energy levels meaning you feel lethargic.

So the main point here is that when you're crazily busy, don't forget to eat, and on the flip side of that second make sure that your portion sizes don't get huge. Thirdly, eat food with low glycemic index foods such as apples, oranges, or nuts. Always have a regular intake of water so that you stay hydrated. In terms of the science, being dehydrated by just 2% impairs performance in tasks that require attention, psychomotor and immediate memory skills as well as the assessment of the subjective state.

Next on the list is exercise. Try to finish bits of a workout in a week and that could be just a 10-minute workout. It will help you increase your mobility. I am certainly not a morning person but I have committed myself to a small number of exercises and that has definitely helped me. It's like making an investment towards making yourself more productive.

Another one is keeping your workplace as tidy and comfortable as possible. Personalize your workplace. Research has shown that having a comfortable workplace only helps you be more productive. Clutter reduces focus so the point here is that you can produce the highest quality of work when you're focused and comfortable. You can even add in a houseplant or a working plant in your workspace. It would effectively increase your well-being.

P.S. Mental well-being is really important otherwise working hard for a very short period won't be sustainable.

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