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All about "Arnab Das"

Arnab Das is an Indian Musician, Music Producer, Actor, Director, Social Worker, Filmmaker, Influencer and Young Entrepreneur known as Arnab Das Lyricist.

Born at Memul village on 3rd October in 1998. Now he lives in Paschim Medinipur district in West Bengal state. His father's name is Nirmal Kumar Das and his Mother's Name is Kalpana Das.

Arnab Das is an independent musician. But besides his music career, he also works as a Filmmaker, social media influencer and entrepreneur. Arnab Das is better known as Arnab Das Lyricist. Arnab Das is one among the few who has successfully balanced both his talents with the same zest. Arnab Das's debut music album “Milke Tujhe” is penned, composed and directed by him. The debut musical album sung by Shivam Mishra is going live from January 2022 on various social media platforms.

Being a music composer and director by passion, this West Bengal native is striving to make a mark in the film industry with his package of songs. He is also currently in the process of bringing out his 10 best songs as well. These include his songs like Khachar Vitor Ochin Pakhi, Chena Prithibi, Purano Otit and many more. Arnab Das's immediate next venture is his movie – 'Ijaz' which will also be released soon. The newly released musical melody is among the 100 songs that he has written to date.

Talking about his journey, Arnab Das said, "Then I was in class 7 when I am starting to write poems and short series. Then I started to write songs. When I was studying in my 2nd Year of college days, my first song 'Tuta Dill' have been released. The song was sung by Raja Chakrabarty and Written and composed by me. After that back to back many albums successfully released like Chena Prithibi, Thehra Hoon, Purano Otit, Janaganaman, Corona ke voi Korona and many more."

"My first short film 'Goofy' and then many films like Haate Haat, Nishwa, Addiction, Blameworthy and more are the successful projects which are penned and directed by me. My films have been awarded many times from various film festivals in various categories."

Arnab Das was also awarded many times for his works.

2021 - Midnapore Film Festival (International) - Best Actor,

2021 - Midnapore Film Festival (International) - Best Director,

2021 - Release Window Midnapore - Best Content Writer,

2021 - Release Window Midnapore - Best Director,

2021 - Release Window Midnapore - Best ScreenPlay,

2021 - Release Window Midnapore - 3rd Best Micro Film (For Blameworthy Micro Film),

2020 - Midnapore Artists Meet - SOHORER TARAKA SANMAN,

2019 - Kolkata Celeb Fest - Special Sanman,

2019 - Zee 24 Ghanta Swarad Sanman '19 - Tarun Shilpi Swarad Sanman, etc.

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