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Advocate Geetanjali Kadate : Acceptance Speech at Aprajita -The Women of the year award 2023

My name is Geetanjali Kadate and I am an Advocate by profession practising in the Supreme court and District court Pune. I am also the Founder of the NGO " Geetanjali Social Foundation"

Apart from law, I have pursued various other qualifications like

Diploma in cyber law

Diploma in personnel Management, Diploma In Arbitration, PG Diploma in Human Rights & PG Diploma in Counselling Psychology presently I am pursuing Flower Remedies.

I have been working widely in various fields and taking part in various social activities and have been awarded for my work and contribution to society.

I am grateful to the organiser of Eduthon fest and Dr Saravjeet Kirad For choosing me for the Aprajita award I am humbled and honoured to be achieving this award for my work.

Recognition of your work and acknowledgement in the form of an award is always welcome and is always encouraging to keep doing your best and to keep expanding our own Horizons. Such recognitions are receipts of the hard work, dedication and passion for the work that is done for the society and people there. I am honoured by the recognition.

I would want to dedicate this award to all the people in my day-to-day life, who have encouraged me supported me coordinator with me and helped me in reaching where I am today so each one is important and worth a mention.

My future goal is for bringing social legal awareness in society by providing effective legal literacy skills and representation thereby advancing human dignity social welfare and access towards justice for all, so as to educate people in protecting and implementing their rights as the founder of my NGO named "Geetanjali Social Foundation" I am committed to making determined efforts for bringing awareness in society Especially to the women and underprivileged for their legal rights and avenues to live with dignity to provide and facilitate them through educational training and skills development programmes with accessible Framework for their legal rights to help facilitate and support them for the fundamental well being through empowerment realisation and opportunities to become self sustain so as to contribute as equal partners towards sustainable development of society.

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