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A Gem of an Experience with Jurich: Sponsoring the Miss Pune Festival, 2022

The most awaited Pune Festival event of 2022 has accomplished a successful execution and collaboration with participants coming from different arenas of life. The organizers have maintained the decades-long legacy of this prestigious affair. The decorum and charm amongst the participants and audience seem to grow with each passing year.

Jurich was one of the sponsors of the Miss Pune Festival this year. Within a few months of its establishment, Jurich has got this great opportunity to work with well-experienced managers and ensure the best outcome for this occasion. According to the founder of this venture, Jugal Chandan, who has been associated with this event as a DJ and has seen the event unfolding for years, it has been a worthwhile experience and great learning on a professional level as it was their first time to hold the sponsorship duty. He shares that “Grooming the upcoming models and newcomers who are seeking to make their mark in the beauty and fashion industry was a wonderful experience overall. This was possible with the support and insights of my partner in this venture and sister, Riya Chandan. The coordination was implemented well with the help of Supriya Tamhane (Show Coordinator), who ensured that everything runs smoothly and we make the most of this first opportunity.”

This cultural festival has given Jurich the chance to cater to a larger audience from the city as well as participants coming from different parts of Maharashtra. It has helped in connecting with possible future customers. Moreover, the juries of this competition have shown a great interest in knowing more about their business as suggested by Jugal himself.

The jewelry industry has been flourishing in India for years now and is considered one of the most profitable businesses because of the importance it has in the country’s cultural space. As more people, especially youngsters favor owning luxurious and versatile jewelry pieces, the demand has been increasing profoundly. Industry experts suggest that the field is set to grow 4-5% per year till 2025.

Keeping these future predictions in mind, Jurich set up its first-ever one-stop shop for Jewellery, Accessories & Cosmetics at FC road, Pune, six months ago. It is established with the thought of providing a wide range in one space at affordable rates and ensuring that the customers can access a variety of designs in all the products available at the store. Jurich aims to open up its e-commerce site and serve customers across India with its multifaceted jewelry soon.

The owners are grateful for the recent festival experience and look forward to sponsoring more such events in upcoming years to market their brand to a larger audience.

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