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  • Aisahai&TV ke artists with on-screen and off-screen bonding

    Through the good, the bad, and the ugly– siblings are there with us through it all. The bond is just so special and unique. From friendly competition to merciless teasing, teaching lessons to toughen you up for life’s challenges or love and care for each other – that is how is the ultimate sibling relationships! No matter how many times you steal their clothes, have ugly fights and arguments, or blame something on them - there’s no one quite like our siblings. Celebrating Siblings Day is &TV artists - Ramesh Prasad Mishra (Ambrish Bobby), Shanti Mishra (Farhana Fatema), Zafar Ali Mirza (Pawan Singh), Sakina Mirza (Akansha Sharma), Inaam Mirza (Divyansh Mishra) and Pooja Mishra (Swara Mishra) from ‘Aur Bhai Kya ChalRaha Hai?’, Rajesh Singh (Kamna Pathak) and Kate Singh (Aashna Kishore) from ‘Happy Ki Ultan Paltan’, Swati (Tanvi Dogra) and Indresh (Ashish Kadian) from ‘Santoshi Maa SunayeVratKathayein’ and Manmohan Tiwari (Rohitashv Gour) from ‘BhabijiGhar Par Hai’ giving a huge shoutout to all their real and reel brothers and sisters! Speaking about their real-life siblings, Ambrish Bobby, aka Ramesh Prasad Mishra, shares, “I have three sisters who are my precious gems. They all younger to me, making me the over-protective Big Bro. What people don’t know is that when these three join forces, they can take me down! When we were kids, the three of them would throw tantrums in sync to ensure they got things their way. I wish them and all the siblings out there a very Happy Sibling’s Day.” Farhana Fatema, aka Shanti Mishra, shares, “My younger brother Saif and I share a close-knit bond. We would spend our evenings riding around on my bicycle, looking for squirrels and all sorts of insects. The tradition is the same with a few changes. Now he takes me out for car rides and ice cream. No matter how old one gets, a sibling makes you feel like a child again!” Pawan Singh aka Zafar Ali Mirza shares, “Jaanidushmanaurjigri dost, dono ka kirdaarnibhaatehai bhai-behan. I was fortunate to have two elder siblings to look after me in my childhood. The bonds created so early in life are sure to last a lifetime. I miss them dearly and hope to embrace them soon to tell them how much they mean to me.” Akansha Sharma, aka Sakina Mirza, shares, “Back in the day, there two names infamous in my colony. Akash and Akansha, my brother and I were quite the natkhat pair. We would play pranks on everyone and get away each time. This Sibling’s Day is a sweet reminder of the good times shared with your sibling.” Sharing childhood memories with their siblings, Kamna Pathak, aka Rajesh Singh, shares, “I have a younger brother and an elder sister which makes me the famous ‘middle child’. I had a role model to look up to in times of need and got to be one for my little brother when he needed guidance. I truly cherish the times the three of us have spent together. We rarely get the same quality time now, so don’t forget to share the love this Sibling’s Day.” Tanvi Dogra, aka Swati, shares, “If I had to give life another word, it would be my brother. The greatest gift our parents gave us was each other. I am extremely thankful to have him in my life. I love him to bits, and this Sibling’s Day, I shall pamper him to express my love.” Rohitashv Gour, aka Manmohan Tiwari, shares, “To the outside world, we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We were two brothers and two sisters, a full house indeed! We know each other as we always were, we have known each other’s hearts, we share inside jokes. We remember family secrets, griefs and joys. There is no other bond as special as ours.” Talking about their on-screen bond, Divyansh Mishra, aka Inaam Mirza, shares, “Bachoke beech fass Gaye bade. We are five children on the set who behave like brother and sisters in real life too. Shooting with them is what truly makes my day. We even enjoy playing games when the elders are not around!” Swara Mishra, aka Pooja Mishra, shares, “It is all fun and games when the Mishra and Mirza kids get together. We laugh, eat, work, and play together. The journey is long, but with these people by my side, I believe it will be a happy journey indeed.” Aashna Kishore, aka Kate Singh, shares, “It has been over two years that I have shared this platform performing alongside such talented artists who have become like my own family. I am the eldest of the siblings, making me the Badi didi. I enjoy babysitting Aryan, Zaara, Zahara, Somya and Arnav whenever we’re on our break.” Ashish Kadian, aka Indresh, shares, “Priya (Rinki) and I share an adorable bond both on-screen and off. We are always looking after each other, I make sure she does not skip her lunch breaks, and she ensures that I don’t hog on her food! It is a lot of fun to shoot with her.”

  • 9X Tashan Song Stories - Revealing stories behind super-duper hits

    After the super success of Lockdown Special and Yaaran Da Podcast, super hit Punjabi music channel 9X Tashan has launched yet another entertaining Podcast show called 9X Tashan Song Stories! On the Show, acclaimed Punjabi musician will reveal the unknown stories behind their super-duper hits with VJ Youngveer. Starting 9th April, 9X Tashan Song Stories will be widely available across all music streaming platforms and the show snippets will be aired exclusively on 9X Tashan and the Channel’s digital pages. 9X Tashan Song Stories has an impressive line up of artists including Guru Randhawa, Jazzy B & Bohemia, Sukhbir & Kumaar, Afsana Khan, Sukh E Musical Doctorz, Ikka, Parmish Verma, Astha Gill, Singga, Ninja and Himanshi Khurana among others. These musicians will have a candid chat with Show Host – Youngveer, revealing never heard before stories behind their super hit songs! VJ Youngveer is a theatre artist, writer, lyricist, poet and singer, who has a knack for tickling listeners’ funny bone with his desi style Punjabi Humour. Commenting on the launch of 9X Tashan Song Stories, Himanshu Gupta, Head of Programming, 9X Tashan, said “We have been one of the early adopters of podcast shows, among broadcasters. 9X Tashan Song Stories is our third podcast show. The earlier two podcasts have received a stupendous response from listeners across the country clocking over six lakh plus downloads on music streaming platforms! We look forward to receiving similar love and adulation for this super entertaining 9X Tashan Song Stories show. If you have ever cried, danced or hummed to a song, then this is a ‘Must Listen To’ podcast for obsessed music lovers.” 9X Tashan Song Stories will be distributed by our Podcast partners Ep. Log Media, across all leading audio streaming platforms. Interesting trivia from the interviews will be aired as snippets on 9X Tashan. The Podcast show will also be promoted widely on 9X Tashan’s digital pages. A new episode of the show will be released every Friday.

  • SIRO Clinpharm partners with ACROSS Global Alliance

    SIRO Clinpharm, a Clinical Research Organisation in India announced that they have become a partner of ACROSS Global Alliance (ACROSS) and will help represent India in working towards the common goals and objectives of ACROSS in bridging a gap in the pharmaceutical service provider market. ACROSS is a global alliance of clinical research organizations (CRO’s) also known as Partners along with special service providers known as Qualified Vendors. The Partners form the core of the ACROSS organization. SIRO Clinpharm will have the opportunity to provide its core services and expertise in India’s geography. Commenting on this partnership, Karan Daftary, Director, SIRO Clinpharm said, “The relationship provides mutually beneficial outcomes for both parties, with SIRO Clinpharm having the opportunity to assist ACROSS’s clients in India, whilst ACROSS and its Partners can assist Siro Clinpharm’s clients with their overseas (i.e., outside India) clinical expertise in over 96 countries worldwide. This partnership opportunity enables Siro Clinpharm to actively participate in Global Clinical trials, where India is one of the regions that would be covered, in collaboration with other ACROSS Partners.” The ACROSS Partnership model mimics the success of the multiple airline industry alliances, with ACROSS being a focused, central coordinating body that oversees the conduct of seamless global clinical trials with minimal overheads, thus passing on cost-effective solutions to the benefit of its clients. “ACROSS was keen to strengthen its presence in the Indian market and after careful analysis of the CROs operating in the Indian market, comprehensive due diligence, and a full assessment of service offerings, SIRO Clinpharm was identified as a perfect fit for its expansion in India,” said Steven Bukvic, CEO for ACROSS Global. “SIRO Clinpharm has a well-established team of professional experts with a dynamic and forward-looking mindset that compliments ACROSS’s approach to the global pharmaceutical service provider market”. Their comprehensive expertise and unique services will benefit the clients and strengthen ACROSS’s presence in India. With a seasoned team of more than 200 professionals from science and medical backgrounds, SIRO Clinpharm will also actively participate in global studies by offering their knowledge in the pharmaceutical, FMCG, and medical device industries. ACROSS has a well-defined process for the onboarding of Partners and Qualified Vendors along with a robust quality management system to ensure smooth conduct of studies. By being a Partner of ACROSS, Siro Clinpharm is ready to provide diversified high-quality, state-of-the-art services for clinical trials.

  • Arohan Financial Services conferred with SKOCH Recognition

    One of the leading NBFC-MFIs, Arohan Financial Services recently received semifinalist recognition at SKOCH Awards 2021 for Micro Credit, mera Arohan, Response to COVID and Corporate Governance segments. On being in receipt of this recognition, Mr Manoj Nambiar, Managing Director, Arohan Financial Services Ltd stated “ In the past,we have been awarded the SKOCH Order of Merit for qualifying amongst the top 100 projects in India for Financial Inclusion in 2016, SKOCH Order of Merit for IT Transformation, Mobility and CRM in 2017 amongst top 80 Technology Project in India and SKOCH Order of Merit in 2018 for qualifying amongst the top-ranking banking and finance projects in India for Financialmicrocredit Inclusion, micro credit and rural expansion. We continue to have a focus on bringing easy access to microcredit and create a social impact and are humbled to be recognized as a semifinalist at the recent SKOCH awards” Additionally, he stated “In FY 2020 we were also recognized as a Responsible Lender for adopting and adhering to the code for responsible lending in microcredit with a CRL score of 99%” Arohan Financial stands to be the most cost-efficient, amongst the East and North East based NBFC-MFIs and had a 0% NNPA ratio over the last 3 fiscals amongst the top 10 NBFC MFIs (Source: Industry Report on Microfinance Industry, Mumbai – February 2021, prepared by CRISIL Research, a division of CRISIL Limited). As of September 30, 2020, it served approximately 2.21 mn borrowers across 17 states.

  • Jaan Hai Toh Jahaan Hai - &TV artists on World Health Day

    Sedentary lifestyle has become the new normal in midst of the ongoingChal Raha pandemic. With numerous pitfalls of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become important to adapt to the newer and healthier approaches to lifestyle and focus on physical and mental well-being that dominated social media discussions since last year. To overcome hurdles that stand in the way of a healthy and fairer way of life, &TV artists Ramesh Prasad Mishra (Ambrish Bobby), Shanti Mishra (Farhana Fatema), Zafar Ali Mirza (Pawan Singh) and Sakina Mirza (Akansha Sharma) of ‘Aur Bhai Kya ChalRaha Hai?’, Rajesh Singh (Kamna Pathak) of ‘Happy Ki Ultan Paltan’ and Santoshi Maa (Gracy Singh) of ‘Santoshi Maa SunayeVratKathayein’ share their tips and tricks to maintain a healthy lifestyle this World Health Day. Ambrish Bobby aka Ramesh Prasad Mishra shares, “I am not one for bodybuilding but, I am in support of building a healthier future! This World Health Day I urge everyone to take a step towards a better lifestyle and a healthy future. Step out of your comfort zones and dedicate your early mornings to exercising.” Farhana Fatema aka Shanti Mishra shares, “It is true that with the pandemic at hand, we have neglected our own health. For me, the best way to stay fit and fine is my passion for dancing. Naachgaanemein hi ho jaatihaikasrat! When it comes to health, there should be no compromises.” Pawan Singh aka Zafar Ali Mirza shares, “My health not only affects me but my family as well. And if not for me, I stay in good shape and form for them. My wife keeps a check on my calorie intake and makes sure I exercise daily. Get yourself a fitness buddy this World Health Day and never skip a day of fun and fitness.” AkanshaSharma aka Sakina Mirza shares, “Pre-Covid, my friends and I would get together twice a week and groove to Bollywood tunes. It was a great way of mingling with friends and staying at the top of your health. Friends play an important part in keeping your mental health in check as well. We soon switched to zoom dance parties to continue the beautiful tradition.” Kamna Pathak aka Rajesh Singh shares, “Wellness of the body starts from the inside. Maintaining a strict diet that allows you to cheat days on special occasions is a must. Life is too short to spend worrying about ailments and diseases. As it is we are facing a pandemic that has taken a toll on our bodies. Nourish yourselves with nutrition and love.” Gracy Singh aka Santoshi Maa shares, “World Health Day is a subtle and much-needed reminder to everyone. For me, sedentary meditation and yoga keep me physically and mentally fit. The calming soothing effect that one hour of daily meditation has on me beats any spa!”

  • Know More about African Premier League Star "Pushkar Sharma"

    On-demand of stay featured Readers after reading our previous news about Pushkar Sharma We are here to bring few more facts about his life. Pushkar Sharma was born on 12 October 2000 into a Brahman Hindu family. The family includes 5 members; his late father"Shiv Kumar Sharma" mother "Sushma Sharma" who is a housewife, two elder sisters "Jyoti & Nidhi". Pushkar was raised in Hathras and according to his family, when he was five years old, Pushkar wanted to play cricket and asked his father the desire of becoming a successful Cricketer, his father questioned him why he wants to play cricket, where Pushkar said to want to come on TV like these international players. In local tournaments, Pushkar was becoming a famous player day by day in Hathras, many people told Pushkar's father, he will be a good player in the future. Pushkar Sharma Biography, Age, Height & Family Real Name - Pushkar Sharma Nick Name - Pushky Profession- Cricketer, Athlete Birth Date - 12-Oct-2000 Nationality - Indian Hair Colour - Black Eye Colour - Black Height - 5"10" Weight - 70 kgs Approx. School- Albarkaat Malik English School Father- Shiv Kumar Sharma Mother- Sushma Sharma Siblings- Jyoti& Nidhi Batting Style Pushkar is a naturally aggressive batsman with strong skills. He usually bats at the open in ODI, T20, and Test cricket He bats with a slightly open-chested stance and is said to have quick footwork. He is known for big shots, the ability to pace an innings, and batting under pressure, He is strong through the mid-wicket and square leg region. He has said that the Flick is his favourite shot, while also saying that the flick shot comes naturally to him. He does not play the Mid On Drive often, being called "not a natural sweeper of the cricket ball. His teammates have praised his confidence, commitment, focus, and work ethics, Sharma is also known to be a "Key Player. Pushkar is regarded as the best T20 batsmen in Corporate Tournaments, especially while chasing. Pushkar has said, "I love the whole situation that comes with chasing. I like the challenges, figuring out how to rotate strike when to hit a boundary or Six”. Sharma is often compared to Gautam Gambhir, due to their similar styles of batting, and sometimes referred to as Gambhir’s "successor. Pushkar has stated that growing up his idol and role model was Gautam Gambhir and that as a kid he "tried to copy the shots (Gambhir) played and hit sixes the way he used to hit them. Some facts about Puskar Sharma Pushkar's family shifted to Greater Noida and this was a great opportunity for Pushkar to show his talent. Pushkar said to his father, He wants to learn cricket in the nearest Cricket academy. Pushkar took admission to YMCA Club, he started his career and he has taken coaching from Subhash Chaudhary and Jagat Kishor. He slammed a half-century in the first match. His coach Jagat Kishor and Subhash said Pushkar has great Talent, his talent will help in the future and he will play cricket at a good level in the coming time. In 2009 Pushkar was getting Famous in Greater Noida, Pushkar's father was very happy with his performance, on basis of his Performance, Pushkar received an offer from Mumbai to play cricket. At that instant, Pushkar was only nine years old, it was very difficult for his family to send Pushkar alone for the Cricket Training in Mumbai. Pushkar’s father decided to send him to Mumbai, as his father knew that school cricket is very promoted in Mumbai. Pushkar stayed with his "Raj Kumar” uncle in Navy Nagar in Mumbai, Pushkar was doing practice in one of the famous cricket academies at "Bohra cricketer" in Azad maidan, his coach was Pankaj Ojha and Ashish Gupta. Awards And Achievements In 2021 Pushkar was selected for African Premier League In 2020 Pushkarsigned with India first Life Insurance as a “Brand ambassador” for Five years. In 2020 Pushkar signed with Blackbird sports Academy as a “Brand ambassador”. In 2019 Pushkar Sharma was awarded as a Best Batsman of the year for “India first Life Insurance”. In 2019 Pushkar was awarded as a Best Batsman of the tournament in “Blue Storm F15 Trophy”. In 2017 Pushkar was awarded as “Man of the Match” in a live match against Bhopal. In 2016 Pushkar was awarded as a Best Batsman of the tournament for “Ghost Trophy” Under-16 Organized by Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA). In 2015 Pushkar Sharma was also selected for “National Level” for Maharashtra organized by the Government of Maharashtra. In 2014-15 Pushkar was awarded as a Best Batsman of the tournament for “Mumbai Under-17” in State Level Organized by Government of Maharashtra. In 2013-14 Pushkar was awarded as a Best Batsman of the tournament for “Mumbai Under-14” in State Level Organized by the Government of Maharashtra.

  • Let's meet Director Dhriti Pati Sarkar

    1)Share about your background and turning point before getting into this field Ans: I Was Gold Medalist International Fighter In Martial & National Level Gymnast. So I Have a Strong Interest In Theater & Performing Art Where Won Best Actor Many Time It Attracts Me Toward Movies. 2)What was your reaction when you saw your first creation was officially selected by reputed film festivals? Ans 2: Little Surprise And Motivated For Do Hard Work For Future Project. We Have Long Time Among Theater Exhibitor & Film Festival Organizers And This Recognizing Give Us More Millage Among Them 3) How to become a director's actor if we are not from the National School of Drama or FTII? Ans: If You Have Passion For Acting Then Its No Matter You Coming From Where. I Think More Than 1 Crore People Trying In Acting By Various Platform Ex Theater, Film, Tv, Ott, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube Etc 4)What are your suggestions to aspiring filmmakers about filming a climax? Ans: It's a Tough Intellectual Question. Climax Opening, Interval & Post Interval Scene Must Be Striking & Impressive Because These Lead Viewer Interest For Further Viewing. 5)What projects are you working on next? Ans We Making An Action Thriller On Realistic Subject 6)What was the major effect on the film gives industry and your life after this lock-down? Ans: Have Much More Time For Thinking On Script. Little Hard Struggle Also 7)What, in your opinion, is the most important quality of a Film Director? Ans: If You Are Outsider Or First Generation In with Then You Must Be Create Innovative Script With Good Actors 8)On this closing note, want to share any tips to our viewers? Share your social media IDs as well so our readers will follow you. Ans : Please Try To Watch Outside Of Trending Projects. Its Give Millage Some Unknown Creator. 1) 2) 3.) Dhriti Pati Sarkar (@superstardhriti) • Instagram

  • In conversation with Growing Voice Akshdeep

    Team Stay Featured had recently interacted with talented voice-over artist Akshdeep Singh, here are some of the glimpses of our communication 1) What have you done to improve your knowledge Of Voice Over Talent in the last few years? Watching videos on YouTube have been very helpful. Apart from that - reading articles and attending webinars have helped me learn things that I was completely unaware of. People generally think only paid classes & coaching provides real knowledge (which it does). But there is so much content online these days that if you even sincerely watch and utilise those tips in your real life, you will definitely learn a lot. 2) How have you developed your career? It's an ongoing process. Learning - Executing - Marketing - Branding and Analysing your progress regularly. I believe there is immense potential in this career path. I am constantly trying to grow and build a strong Voice Over network each day. 3) What do you like most about Voice Overs? Each project requires a different emotion, a different feeling and a different vibe. This variety and the limitless possibilities in this business excites me the most! 4) What parts of this job do you find the most challenging, if there are any challenges? One might feel alone on some days since it's only you, your microphone and that closed compact studio that you work during the whole day. For those who love to go out and network with people every day, they might find it a bit challenging in the beginning. Working in a team, taking group sessions and catching up with your peers on weekends is an effective solution for this. Apart from that, there is a rejection factor that we face daily. One has to give multiple auditions to get that one job. If you are just starting, you might not be able to convert many auditions. But understanding that with time you learn and if you stay positive & determined, you can build your own clientele that will hire you regularly! 5) Did you always want to be a Voice Over/Dubbing artist, is there any turning point? Haha nope. I wanted to be an Actor! I have taken professional theatre classes and was a part of many productions at school, college and professional theatre groups. Somehow in the past few years, with some divine intervention, I have been pulled back into Voice 'Acting'. I knew that I had the talent but I could never think of any career opportunity that would align my passion to my profession. I am happy that there is still 'Acting' involved in this industry and I love doing this every day! 6) Who was your mentor during this journey? Did you undergo professional training? I did not have only one mentor. I am blessed to have worked with a lot of mentors throughout my life including my school/tuition teachers and acting coaches. They have been a huge support in helping me identify my Voice talent and to nourish it to the best extent possible. Also, my parents, siblings and friends have been great mentor all this while, who have not only appreciated but have been giving me constructive feedback about my performance. 7) How do you prepare yourself before a recording? I do a set of Vocal exercises, which is very important before any recording session. Just like other body parts, our Voice (Throat) is also a muscular instrument and can only function well if you take proper care of it. This not only includes warm-up exercises but paying attention to your diet. The most important thing is keeping our throat hydrated throughout the day. Drinking sufficient water is the key! 8) What’s your secret to success? Can you please share the success mantra? Also, share your social media profiles. Step 1: Identifying your passion. Step 2: Learning and nourishing your skills daily. Step 3: Develop a Business Plan. Step 4: Track your growth. Step 5: Network with others and stay Consistent. This would require working hard, being persistent no matter how many auditions you face rejection in, staying positive in every situation. If you do all this regularly, there is nothing that can stop you from achieving your Goals! :) Would love to connect with you all. Here are my social media handles: LinkedIn: Akshdeep Singh Vohra Instagram: akshdeepvoiceovers Twitter: AkshdeepSinghV // Facebook: Akshdeep Singh Vohra '' YouTube: The Entertaining Influencer "'

  • Pushkar Sharma owes his success to his father for his selection in the African Premier League.

    Soure: Team Stay Featured In March 2021, Pushkar got a call to play in the African Premier League. The former U-16 Mumbai captain, Pushkar Sharma; who is presently residing in Kenya gets his maiden call to play in African Premiere League which is held in Kenya. He was bagged in by the Eldoret Elephant franchise and will be looking to cement some runs behind his back. The tournament which is organized by the Nairobi Provincial Cricket Association, an affiliate of Cricket Kenya started on 25th March 2021 and is likely to end on 10th April 2021. Pushkar had a topsy turvy like career in the past few years. He had gone through various challenges after his father left in 2017. Today Pushkar has got a great opportunity to fulfil his father’s dream of witnessing him grow up as a cricketer. This tournament will be held in the Ruaraka Sports Club featuring a double round-robin phase and a final on Sunday. Six teams will take part in the tournament, representing various counties in the country: Nairobi Lions, Thika Hippos, Eldoret Elephants, Nakuru Leopards, Mombasa Rhinos, and Kisumu Pythons. It is the first tournament cricket since the outbreak of Covid-19. Expressing his emotions Pushkar said, “I want to give all my credit to my father, because of his blessings today I am playing for African Premier League in Kenya.”

  • 3 Tips to Grow Business in Digital World by 'Knack Ardour'

    About "Knack Ardour": They are an expert in providing 3 solutions: team outsourcing, brand building and content consulting. to know more about "Knack Ardour" , visit So, here are 3 Tips to Grow Business in Digital World by 'Knack Ardour' 1. Campus Ambassador: You can hire a campus ambassador and create a list of activities like digital advertising, off-page SEO, etc. It will allow you to get reach and coverage. Payoffs to Campus Ambassador: Rewards and Incentives on Conversion and Performance. No upfront cost. 2. Interact with Audience through Webinar, Guest Engagement: Now is the era of knowledge. The company which provides better knowledge about their industry-related trends becomes the breadwinner. You can invite an expert to do a Webinar under your brand name and advertise among the target audience. (In this world only those who give a better understanding and solution can win the game). You can become competitive if you start giving genuine solutions or knowledge to your target audience. Example: A software company always writes more on different software issues and solutions. 3. Run Affiliate Marketing: You can run an affiliate marketing program and involve many associates. For this, you need to have a good working website and online sales channel so that you can easily track your Affiliate sales. For E-commerce companies, it's very easy to do because they can use Amazons Affiliate or Flipkart Affiliate. For other business, the only mega source is their website. Need help to transform your business into a brand: Check out us!! Visit Knack Ardour (

  • The Most Trusted Brands of India 2021 revealed in a gala evening ceremony

    The events of 2020 might have come out of the lefteft field, but it awakened brands to the importance of future-proofing themselves against future ripples that could undo the fabric of society and industry with ease. The inaugural edition of The Most Trusted Brands of India 2021, organised by Team Marksmen at The Sahara Star in Mumbai on 26th March, 2021, showcased a litany of brands, some established, some at a nascent stage of their incredible growth stories that have captured the public imagination and hearts. These brands grabbed the spotlight in a gala evening function, with several eminent names in attendance, such as Vivek Oberoi; Perizaad Zorabian, Actor & Director, Zorabian Foods; legendary ad-man KV Shridhar (a.k.a. Pops), Global Chief Creative Officer, Nihilent Limited; Marzin Shroff, MD & CEO, Eureka Forbes; and many more. The brands felicitated included [24]; Acko Insurance; American Express India; Aquaguard; Astral Pipes; Avery Dennison; Bharat Aluminium Co. Ltd; Baxium Healthcare; Bisleri International; BridgeLabz Solutions Private Limited; Bridgestone India Private Limited; Capital Numbers; Cashfree; Cello; Colgate Palmolive (India) Ltd.; Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd.; Cytiva; DELL Technologies; DHL Express India; Eupheus Learning; Flamingo; Freshworks; ICICI Prudential Asset Management; IDBI Intech; IDFC First Bank; Kalki Fashion; Mahindra Automotive; Metro Cash and Carry; Oswaal Books and Learning Private Limited; Patanjali Honey; Pepsi; PNB Housing; Renee Cosmetics; RMZ Corp; Shivaami Cloud; Sonalika Tractors; Sugar Cosmetics; Sundaram Mutual; Translumina Therapeutics; Utkarsh Small Finance Bank; Villain; Visaka Industries; Vivifi; V-Trans India Limited; WhatsApp; and Zorabian Chicken. Addressing the media, Rajesh Khubchandani, CEO, Team Marksmen, lauded the brands whose achievements were immortalised in an exclusive coffee table book unveiled on the day. “Trust is that intangible, emotive value that is so hard to quantify, but holds so much value, making some brands stickier, more beloved and more trusted than others of its kind. I applaud all the brands showcased as The Most Trusted Brands of India 2021 and trust that their stellar achievements will inspire others to aspire for their benchmark of excellence. Long may their tribe thrive." The research methodology The list of brands felicitated was arrived upon after a survey was conducted by Allegiant Market Research. These brands were identified as perceived by channel partners and consumers in urban and rural (5 Lakh+ towns) India across select categories and select brands. The study was carried out in 15 cities (namely, Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bangalore, Delhi, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Mangalore, Mumbai, Nagpur, Nasik, Patna, and Pune) with a total design sample size of 864 distributed among them. Respondents evaluated the brands on four key parameters, i.e., innovation, consistency in customer experience, value proposition, and advocacy. Telephonic, WhatsApp, and Face-to-Face interviews were conducted with the target group with a structured questionnaire. Respondents evaluated brands they were familiar with. Each respondent could rate a maximum of 18 brands based on their familiarity levels.

  • "Extra Interaction" with Founders of "Xtrareview" - Katherine Mehta & Kavitta B Bedi

    Team Stay Featured recently interacted with Kavitta B Bedi and Katherine Mehta. Kavita and Katherine are the founders of Xtraview- a digital interview platform that helps students speak, showcase and succeed. Their mission is to empower students by helping them in bringing out all aspects of their personality. This platform gives every student an equal, unbiased opportunity to seize their dreams and succeed. Xtraview is a start-up by 2 women- Katherine Ernst Mehta- an educationist and Kavitta B Bedi- a leading entrepreneur in the children's space. so, here are the glimpses of this interaction How is your platform useful for corporates who would want to hire people with brushed skills? One of the biggest challenges facing people just entering the workforce is that they are not career / job-ready, despite completing studies at a master's level. What students need are good communication skills to first bag that coveted job and then succeed at it. A potential candidate who has good communication skills not only aces all their interviews, but once hired, they are also able to perform well in their jobs with great interpersonal skills. Also, many students, despite having great academic credentials and great strengths, are not able to put that across to interview boards or hiring committees, because they have not had adequate interview practice, and so their nerves get the better of them, or they cannot articulate their USP. Our Xtraprep workshops help train students with these critical communication and interview skills, which will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Xtra Prep workshops- are they only for students or also for individuals who wish to hone up their skills before applying for different interviews Currently, Xtraprep workshops are aimed at helping high school (Class 9-12), college students, and those pursuing their Master's degrees upskill in their communication skills. However, if we do see demand from working individuals for our service then we will be open to expanding its availability to other sectors also. How does the whole process of sharing recordings with institutions/organisations work? We have deliberately kept the process very simple. An organisation does not need any added IT infrastructure, they do not need to download any App, they do not need to log in anywhere. A simple email reaches their inbox with a link to the video of the recorded interview. They just have to click, watch and assess. We store the video at our cost for a period of 12 months. This allows the candidate the flexibility to share it with multiple organisations. Hiring companies benefit, too, because they can review the interviews at their own time and convenience. The recording also allows them the opportunity to review and reassess or compare between candidates at any point during the review process. Xtraview is a unique platform and I believe there are no competitors for it- why and where do you think there was a need to create a platform like this Yes, Xtraview does not have any competition in the Indian market. Being conscious communicators ourselves, both Katherine and I understood the relevance, importance and need for students to have this skill to succeed in today's world. It doesn't matter if you dream of becoming a dancer, a data analyst, an aeronautical engineer, a painter, an entrepreneur, a social worker, a marine biologist, or a corporate manager - at every level and stage of your career, being able to put a face and voice to your idea is what will allow students to succeed. The pandemic has brought about a revolution in education and business, and the digital way of working is nowhere to stay. Learning how to communicate effectively on digital platforms is a skill that every individual needs today. Yet not all parents and teachers are equipped to train their children in this skill because they are learning this at the same time as their children. Hence, we realised that this is a great need in the market today and we can help students succeed and give them the skills and tools to be able to chase their dreams. Is language a barrier in the interview process with both institutions and organisations as we see there are a lot of people who have the bandwidth to deliver but are not good at communication skills? Language is just one part of the effective communication cycle. There are many other facets like how you present yourself, how effectively you communicate your ideas, and how prepared you are for an interview or interaction. These are a few of the 15 focus areas that we train on during the Xtraprep workshops. During these workshops, university and college students also undergo a specialised module on how to create the best elevator pitch for themselves. The Xtraview interview is conducted by one of the specialist communicators on our team, who are industry leaders in their own fields and are now investing some time in developing the next generation with skills that will help them succeed. The skills that Xtraview and Xtraprep provide are life skills that will stay with every participant long after the training is over and will continuously allow them to upskill themselves to remain relevant, updated and desirable in the workspace in whatever area they choose for themselves. on this closing note, we can say, we are busy empowering students and unlocking their leadership capabilities as they develop tangible solutions to global problems. Also enclosed below is the link to the website for your understanding.

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