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“Extensive research & development has revolutionized our adhesive tapes", Sarika Rahul Rajgaria

Mumbai, March 2021:

Adhesive tapes can be easily found in the stationary of a school kid to a skilled craftsman. Their easy application and reliable bond make it possible to stick an object on the surface an easy task. But we fail to realize that our standard adhesive tapes have pretty much changed in the past decade.

They are no longer a solution for temporary bonding as in today's time, small articles such as a car’s batch of honor to the glass panels of a skyscraper are all stuck using these strong tapes. The R&D has made it possible for these tapes to withstand all the challenges like temperature, weather conditions, and water.

These tapes are designed in such a way that their bonding keeps getting stronger with time. When asked Mrs. Sarika Rahul Rajgaria, Director of sales, Pentagon Tapes. He mentioned, “Tapes are one of the most underestimated tools in a person's toolbox, it has the potential to provide a strong and lasting bond without being concerned about it physically injuring you. A few decades ago, adhesive tapes were just used for temporary application but extensive research and development has revolutionized our adhesive tapes. There are various types of tapes made just for a specific task. For instance, there are Frame Mounting tapes that are strong enough to stick to advisable surfaces and when you remove them to change the photo, they do not leave any residue on the walls. Then there are mirror mounting tapes which on the other hand are tape for a permanent solution as when you fix the mirror with the tapes, the bond gets stronger and stronger with time. This makes it super easy for any naïve person to bond their object without the need of using tools like a hammer and nail.”


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