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Get ready to witness a roller coaster ride of emotions this week with your favorite "&TV shows"

Get ready to witness a rollercoaster ride of emotions this week with your favourite &TV shows. Romance being the flavour of the week,

Anita Bhabi aka Nehha Pendse from Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai tries her best to convince Vibhuti Narayan Mishra aka Aasif Sheikh to disguise himself as a watchman in order to keep the spark in their relationship going.

While Yogesh Tripathi aka Happu turns red-faced with anger as he receives a complaint from his children’s principal. In Gudiya Humani Sabhi Pe Bhari, Gudiya aka Sarika Bahroliya announces a Gulak competition to lessen the workload off Sarla’s aka Samta Sagar shoulders.

Santoshi Maa Sunaye Vrat Katahyein sees various pareekshas that everyone including Indresh aka Ashish Kadian, Swati aka Tanvi Dogra, Santoshi Maa aka Gracy Singh, Asur Rani Paulomi aka Sara Khan must individually fulfill. Elaborating on the track, Nehha Pendse says, “Anita approaches her husband Vibhuti with a rather unfamiliar request. She asks him to dress up as a watchman. Of course, there is a backstory to it, which she keeps away from Vibhuti who is hesitant to listen to her, but just to please his wife, he obliges. With Anita now paying close attention to her newly hired house watchman, her neighbors Manmohan Tiwari aka Rohitashv Gour and Angoori aka Shubhangi Atre get suspicious. Amidst this Teeka aka Vaibhav Mathur is worried about his sister Teekli’s marriage. With all this confusion taking place, all I can say is tune-in to find out how it gets solved.”

Kamna Pathak aka Rajesh Singh says, “While we may have been the most badmash kids during our time, parents always want our children to look up to us and think of us as ideal parents. That is exactly what an angry Happu tries to do in the episodes, he brings in an outsider and refers to him as his principal so that his children can hear about his school life first-hand. But the outcome of this whole conversation backfires when Happu’s boss aka the Commissioner questions him on the so-called principal.” Sarika Bahorliya (Gudiya) trying to find a way to ease her mother’s workload, she says,

“Ours is not a big family, but when it comes to customizing food dishes basis each one’s preference, it can get hectic. Empathizing with her mother Sarla, Gudiya announces a competition which will not only get the work done by everyone, but it will also be divided. Personally, I think it is a smart move, but the only way to find out if it actually works is to watch the show next week.”

Taking the competitive note a notch higher is Gracy Singh aka Santoshi Maa who says, “Each character in the upcoming episodes will be seen facing their own set of challenges. They are not directly competing against each other, but have tasks to complete wherein, Asur Rani Paulomi and Santoshi Maa have to collect 5 of Shivji’s beloved belongings, Swati is faced with the challenge of choosing between Indesh and her bhakti, while Brihaspati Dev and Sukracharya have to find Laxmi ji’s Yogya Var.”

Tune in to watch 'Santoshi Maa Sunaye Vrat Kathayein at 9:00 pm, ‘Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari’ at 9:30 pm, 'Happu Ki Ultan Paltan' at 10:00 pm and 'Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai' at 10:30 pm, every Monday to Friday only on &TV!


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