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Xtraview and Next genius Foundation join hands to empower students for their educational dreams

Xtraview and Next Genius Foundation have come together to support students to fulfil their educational dream.

While Next Genius identifies bright students and offers them scholarships, Xtraview empowers students to showcase their unique X factor. This partnership is a boon for students as they get access to multiple resources that empower them to bring out the best of themselves.

Katherine Ernst Mehta , Co Founder Xtraview

The Next Genius Foundation is a registered charitable trust in India with a vision to identify world-changers and connect them with outstanding University scholarships in the United States. Xtraview, on the other hand, empowers students to showcase who they really are in their own words. It also allows academic committees and admission officers to gain extra insight into every applicant’s personality. The vision of Xtraview is to give every student an equal, unbiased opportunity to seize their dreams and succeed.

Kavitta B Bedi- Founder & CEO Xtraview 

Kavitta B Bedi- Founder & CEO Xtraview says- “Students are equipped with skills that empower them for life. Not only are the learning programs designed to cultivate student success in the real world but also allow students to use the ed tech platform to demonstrate and practise their skills.”

In the last 6 years, Next Genius partner colleges have awarded scholarships worth $20 million, helping 170 students to pursue their undergraduate education in the US. This year, Next Genius will award over 100 scholarships to students from India. Students can apply for the Next Genius Scholarships on After applying, students are invited to take an online Critical Thinking Assessment followed by the college selection process. Next Genius scholarships cover tuition fees for all 4 years of undergraduate education in the US.

In working with these students – beginning in high school, through college and onto their careers, Xtraview and the Next Genius Foundation hope to establish a community of future leaders who will leave a strong impact on society.

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