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Xtraview conducted a webinar on how to Crack College Admissions

In this competitive world engulfed with talented individuals, having an X-factor clubbed with top-notch skillsets is a must to stand out and make a difference. Xtraview, India’s leading digital interview platform for students, in collaboration with The Big Red Group, conducted an exclusive virtual session titled Cracking the college admissions: Essays, Interviews and Resume. The session was for high school students on how to tackle personal essays for college applications and prepare for interviews.

Attended by students across the country, the insightful session was hosted by Xtraview founders Kavitta B Bedi and Katherine Ernst Mehta. The speakers emphasized critical aspects of cracking an interview to traverse on a successful professional journey. A few key things that were highlighted were: the well-equipped importance of personal essays, themes for college application essays, questions to ask yourself before writing an essay, Do’s & Don’ts while developing the draft, core aspects of the interview process, presenting the best version of yourself during an interview and how to create a strong and compelling resume.

Thrilled to have hosted the session, Kavitta B Bedi, Founder, Xtraview says, ‘Today’s generation- the Gen Z and millennials are smart and well-equipped individuals. They are well aware of their goals and ambitions. All that they need is mentoring or guidance in streamlining their thoughts and nurturing their skill set. Through this webinar, our aim was to educate these young aspirants on effective ways to kickstart their professional journey and maximize their chances of cracking an interview. At Xtraview, we constantly strive to bring alive the true strengths in an individual and further enhance them to grow and achieve success in life.

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