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Chetna Madan : Founder who nurtured "Balm Tree"

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Bringing awareness about organic cosmetic products and their pricing was the biggest challenge! – Chetna, Founder: BalmTree

This is an exclusive coverage about Chetna Madan by Team Stay Featured and SMMH.

Chetna Madan is the founder of BalmTree – an online store that sells organic handmade cosmetic products. Chetna has completed her from MDU, Rohtak, and is an accomplished Data Scientist. Her story about leaving a well-paying job and becoming an entrepreneur is quite interesting.

"Someone recommended essential oil 3 years back for my hair problem. I hadn’t heard about them before, so I started reading about them. I was quite impressed with the benefits they have and started using them. For instance, now I just use peppermint oil for my tonsils instead of medicines prescribed by my doctor and it works wonders. Also, while discovering these essential oils I came to know about the chemicals used in making all the cosmetic products we use daily. And then I thought of launching my brand." Chetna Revealed about her start.

BalmTree is founded to provide organic (chemical-free) skincare and hair care products formulated with 100% natural ingredients.

Upon being asked about the decision she has taken to leave her job and start with her venture, how hard it was, and how she dealt with this, Chetna said, “Yes, it was quite a tough decision to leave a well-paying job and start this. You face criticism, people think you have gone mad and all the responsibilities are on your shoulders from planning to execution, marketing, packaging, dealing with customers, and a lot more. And I simply choose to ignore that and be consistent with whatever I’m doing. I believe in “Chase dreams, not people”.

Then she added " The biggest challenge I face is to make people aware of the benefits of these products. For people, it’s an ordinary soap with quite a high price. They don’t know about these magical oils and they're worth it. To deal with this issue, I have also started with my blog. This blog is focused on essential oils and their benefits. so one can use these oils in day-to-day life to get rid of lots of health problems "

Chetna has successfully delivered few orders as of now and her customers love the products. The reviews she is receiving are fantastic which has helped her to win reorders from existing customers. Her focus is to acquire the online market first and then she will move her focus to the offline market.

Chetna is also a social media influencer and is very much active on Instagram. She keeps on sharing tips and tricks using essential oil for flawless skin and hair. She loves chemical-free natural products and keeps her audience entertain with good organic content.

In the end, She conveyed these valuable lines to our readers.

"Being an entrepreneur nurtured me in the best way possible. As women, multitasking comes naturally to us and that’s our biggest strength. Lastly, I want to say take risks and be consistent and do whatever it takes to fulfil your dream. The only thing between you and your dream is reluctant YOU."

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