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"Women Live -Empowering Women with wit and grit with love and Compassion":Dr Pratik Mungekar

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Transcript of the complete Speech by Dr Pratik Mungekar

Dear esteemed guests,

I am honored to speak to you today about a topic that is close to my heart – empowering women with wit and grit, with love and compassion. The world we live in today is changing rapidly, and it is essential that we acknowledge the contributions of women in various fields.

The theme of "Women Live" is not just a phrase, but it encompasses a movement that has the power to transform society. Women have been the backbone of every civilization since time immemorial. They have played a vital role in shaping the world we live in today, and it is high time that we recognize their potential and empower them.

Women have always been subjected to discrimination and inequality. The fight for women's rights has been long and arduous, but we have made significant progress. Women have proven time and again that they are capable of achieving greatness. They have broken barriers, shattered stereotypes, and proved their worth in every field, from science to politics to business.

However, there is still a long way to go, and we must continue to support and empower women in every way possible. We need to provide them with the tools, resources, and opportunities to realize their full potential.

Empowering women with wit and grit means equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and resilience to face the challenges that come their way. It means providing them with a safe environment where they can speak their minds, express their opinions, and contribute to society without fear of judgment or discrimination.

At the same time, we need to empower women with love and compassion. Love and compassion are essential qualities that can help women build strong relationships, foster a sense of community, and create a nurturing environment for themselves and others. Love and compassion can help women overcome the challenges they face and rise above their circumstances.

We must also recognize the need for intersectionality in empowering women. Women come from different backgrounds, cultures, and socioeconomic situations. Therefore, we must ensure that we provide tailored support to women based on their unique needs and circumstances.

In conclusion, empowering women with wit and grit with love and compassion is not just a noble cause but a necessary one. It is essential to recognize and appreciate the contributions of women in all aspects of society. By empowering women, we are creating a better world for ourselves, our families, and future generations.

Thank you

About Dr Pratik Mungekar : The First Youngest Indian to Hold Multiple Prestigious Titles and Appointments

Prof. Dr. Pratik Rajan Mungekar has achieved remarkable milestones in his academic and professional journey. He is the first Indian to be appointed as the planetary Minister of Sustainable Development of Newly emerging The Kingdom of Atlantis, a decentralized sovereign kingdom. Dr. Mungekar's book "Introduction to Sustainable Development Goals" (Non-Academic) has been included in the Atlantean education program, making him the first youngest Indian to achieve this distinction. He holds over 300 honorary doctorates from all over the world, has taught and career-guided over 12,000 students, and received over 850 international, national, and state awards, 6 national patents, and 15 world records for his outstanding contributions in the field of teaching and research.

Dr. Mungekar is the first Indian to be appointed by 45+ international organizations on various high positions at the same time and the first youngest Indian to be appointed as an ambassador by 46 organizations in almost all disciplines. He has received several prestigious titles, including "Lecturus Magnificus (L.M.)" and "H.R.H. 5* Duke," and was the first youngest Indian to receive Mendeleev's Fellowship, the highest academic honor in the UK.

Dr. Mungekar is a visiting faculty member in many national and foreign universities and is the Director of Research & Innovation at OXFAA University and Lighthouse Leadership University. He is also the Vice Chancellor of Unified Theological Seminary USA and the University of the Kingdom of Atlantis. Dr. Mungekar is a distinguished scientist, professor, world educationist, published writer, counselor, social worker, and international speaker.

Follow him on Instagram at and on Facebook at to learn more about his remarkable journey.


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