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Power of Selfless Writing : Dr.Pratik Mungekar

It's always a terrific sensation when your articles receive captivating readership.

I received these accolades, which are very dear to my heart. I have always referred to them as the real awards I have received so far.

It seems odd and a little condescending to suggest that our failure to master appreciation might be one of the biggest obstacles to happiness. To begin, we don't usually think that appreciation is even a skill; rather, it seems like we are born with the ability to correctly determine what is worth preserving; and as a result, our evaluation of what is deserving of gratitude must be 100% accurate. Additionally, trusting that, regrettably, the majority of what is truly valuable is not yet in our possession is quite natural.

Then, every once in a while, we may experience an unexpected emotion. We suddenly become overwhelmed by a new sense of its significance, beauty, and value when we arrive at something that is extremely familiar to us and easily accessible, but from which we have not derived value in years. The stillness of the evening at the top of the house, the view from the window, the way the sun is hitting the curtain, or our lover's hand resting on the table in front of us could all be the source. We are compelled to acknowledge some unidentified flaws in our mechanisms of appreciation and humblely ponder the extent to which these may extend due to the combination of the memory of our previous neglect and our newly elevated awareness. We might find ourselves on the verge of a big, bold, and ultimately disturbing idea: that we may already be significantly wealthier than we believe; that our dissatisfactions may be more due to our inability to derive value from the things we already have than from our desire for something else.

When we stop to think about it, we realize that one of our biggest flaws and, as a result, the root of our unhappiness is our inability to appreciate the value of some of the things we already have. This makes us yearn, often unjustly, for the imagined attractions of other places, people, and things.

1) He is the first Indian to be appointed as the planetary Minister of Sustainable Development of Newly emerging The Kingdom of Atlantis (a Decentralized Sovereign Kingdom)

2) He is the first youngest Indian whose book Introduction to Sustainable Development Goals (Non-Academic) is now part of the Atlantean Education program.

3) He is the first youngest Indian to receive 300+ Honorary Doctorates from all over the world.

4)He is the first youngest Indian professor who taught more than 8000+ Students & Career guided 4000+ Students to date & the count is still on.

5) He is the first Indian who has 850+ International, National & State Awards 6 National Patents, 15 World Records at the age of 28 for his contribution in the field of Teaching & Research.

6) He is the first youngest Indian to receive 125+ Honorary High Degrees across the Globe.

7) He is the first Indian to be appointed by 45+ International organizations on various High-positions at the same time.

8) He is the first youngest Indian to be appointed as Ambassador by 46 organizations of many countries in almost all disciplines.

9) He is the first Indian youngest professor to start teaching at the age of sixteen, the age of twenty Seven He has completed twelve years of Teaching.

10) He is the first Youngest Indian to receive Royal &Prestigious Titles such as 1)Lecturus Magnificus (L.M.), 2) H.R.H. 5* Duke.

11) First Youngest Indian to receive Mendeleev’s Fellowship ( United Kingdom’s Highest Academic Honour).

12)First Indian to receive the distinguished title “Professor Wisdom” from Institución Cultural Colombiana Casa Poética Magia y Plumas, Colombia South America.

13) Visting faculty in many National & Foreign Universities.

14) Director of Research & Innovation

OXFAA University, Lighthouse Leadership University.

15) Vice Chancellor

Unified Theological Seminary USA

University of Kingdom of Atlantis

Today, the name of Prof. Dr. Pratik Rajan Mungekar is no longer common but is emerging as a distinguished Scientist, Professor, World Educationist, Published Writer, Counsellor, Social Worker, and an International Speaker

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