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What the heck are we supposed to do with our lives?- Arunima Jha

This question has obsessed humanity for the longest time, however, I have never gotten the absolute answer. Honestly, I have never felt so anxious about the future as I have in the last six months. This is kind of weird and crazy that the pandemic happened, our goal at that moment was pretty much to just survive, to group together as a community to get through that difficult period.

The way I kind of see the last two and a half years of my life have been a period characterized by doing what you can do and accepting that feeling overwhelmed, feeling scared & feeling overburdened is okay. It's really about learning to be kinder to yourself and accept that - "Hey! It's okay that you're going through a period where you feel that you aren't achieving as much as you want to.

During that tough period, anything that you achieve is like a carrot which is like it does not matter if you cannot do anything more than just survive and get through the day today, everything becomes that much sweeter because we do not kind of expect it.

There are times just like a pandemic where everything feels pretty much uncontrollable, having no control over our lives & our liberty. In a strange way, taking away all human choice kind of meant that the direction was abundantly cleared and that there were no routes to choose because we all had to stay home and we all had to do more or less the same thing, we all had to hunker down and get through it. The sense of having to go with the fundamentally uncontrollable feels like it's diminished now. That feeling is kind of scary and that sense has been magnified ten times by the fact that I am at that stage in my life where I do not have a timetable set up as to when things need to happen. I need to decide for myself - personal & life decisions. It does feel a lot but for the last couple of weeks, a few instances have changed how I have been thinking about the future.

Feeling like there's a perfect set of decisions that will put me in the ideal place possible - Sometimes it can be an overwhelming feeling to select a perfect set of decisions apprehending that otherwise, my life would implode. All of this, searching for the best of all possible worlds is fruitless. Ultimately, you need to understand that there are many possible choices & that there are many possible paths to take. It's hugely powerful to realize that it does not matter whether you choose the perfect avenue, the perfect thing and that you are going to find the passion for the rest of your life. Instead what matters is that you're doing something, you're trying things, you're making decisions about whether you like those things are not and you're growing.

There is no best possible world. There is only this world and we kind of have to make what we can of it.

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