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The best is the enemy of good!- Arunima Jha

I am not saying that stop being the best but what I mean is stop expecting to be the best from the get-go. I always believed that perfectionism is a good thing. Perfectionism basically means whatever you do has to be perfect and what could possibly be wrong with this?

Perhaps, perfectionism sometimes subconsciously holds me back, preventing me to try new things or leaving things that I had just started. My battle with perfectionism and the lessons that I have hugely learned from most successful people.

Listening to an interview by Elon Musk, I couldn't help wondering how can a perfectionist like him, can set himself the most ridiculous goals like sending a rocket to space to achieve it. While, I strive to perform simple tasks like writing an article or making a video and feel cripplingly inadequate or underqualified to an extent that I procrastinate or worse, stop trying altogether.

So what differentiates these perfectionists who manage to do everything from me?

Digging a little further, I realized maybe they aren't really a perfectionist they are when they first appear, perhaps the reality is that they are the impatient brains who are blind to their iterations, failings, or rejections, their hardships and imperfections have been deleted, and turned into a much simpler and easier story of overnight success.

From Zuckerberg to Musk, we all can definitely learn from their tireless pushing, not for perfection, but to get better, to get closer.

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