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What’s your value proposition?- Linkedin Feed from Vanshika Mehta

Hi! I'm Vanshi👋 Born in Dubai, Graduated from Northeastern University in Boston and currently growing my (remote) business in India - I've always been curious about what really goes into making a business. ​ Marketing just isn't enough - circa 2016 Marketing is the fuel to something bigger - circa 2018

Building a purposeful and meaningful brand is what consumers need today - circa 2019 ​ Almost like a car that's forgotten to take an exit to reach its destination - I took a very risky 180 in 2019, quit my job and started pursuing this as my career. ​ In 2020, I was awarded Linkedin's Top Voice: Next Gen Creator with 100K+ followers, and Pepper Content's Linkedin Leader Award. In 2021, I was welcomed into the first cohort of the Linkedin Creator Program ​

To share my knowledge and learnings, I've spoken on stages hosted by TechStars, UpGrad, TapChief, KoolKanya, local universities and many more.


Crossed 100K+ followers on Linkedin

Picked as Linkedin Top Voice, NextGen Creators amongst 20 creators

Spoke on Linkedin News India's webinar with the CEO of upGrad and Dr Divya Kannan of Cure. fit

Accepted into the Linkedin Creator Program

Workcationed in Jaipur and Udaipur


Pepper Content X Classplus Creator Grant Winner

Listed on the 'Top 30 Women in Content: The Ultimate List for 2022' by Pepper Content

Workcationed in Dubai, Goa, Pune, Bombay for 45 days

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As a business owner, you’re going to be pulled in a 100 different directions

But at the end of the day, you have to do one meaningful thing for your audience

What’s your value proposition?

How do you create value?

By doing

Just one thing

That makes their life better

In some way or form

You’re not here to solve all their problems

You’re here to solve one

Solve for that

And you have trust

And loyalty

It’s harder than it appears because each problem has its own way of being solved

Keep solving more problems

You buy more loyalty and brand equity

Think of every brand you know

They solve one problem the best


What problem does run by Peyush Bansal solve?

Affordable eyewear

What problem does Sirona Hygiene Pvt. Ltd. run by Deep Bajaj solve?

Intimate and menstrual care for women

What problem have doultra-thin Salad condoms run by Aruna Chawla (she/her) solve?

Vegan and ultra thin condoms

Each of these brands does one thing really well and that’s their USP

They care about their customer to a level we can’t even imagine

Every decision is run by “will my customer need this?” And “will my customer find value in this?”

The best part about solving one problem

You get to know your customers VERY WELL

And as you keep solving for that one thing

You become their preferred choice with time

The framework below explains it very well.

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