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Unveiling the Educational Odyssey: Megha Chandvankar's 35-Year Journey and the Birth of Sepals

Greetings to the world of education! I am Megha Chandvankar, a dedicated teacher with a rich tapestry of 35 years in the realm of teaching. My journey has afforded me the rare opportunity to teach across all grades, from the nurturing Pre-Primary stages to the pivotal 10th grade. Renowned for infusing innovation and the latest teaching techniques into my classrooms, my pedagogical approach is synonymous with interactivity, participation, and engagement.

Stepping into roles of leadership, I have served as a Principal in diverse schools, where my leadership style was characterized by encouragement and positivity. Putting my team first, I firmly believed in leading from behind, fostering an environment where collective growth took precedence. However, my true passion reaches its zenith when I am conducting training sessions for fellow educators.

In the midst of my educational odyssey, I encountered a transformative quote by Haim Ginott that resonated deeply within me: "I am a survivor of a concentration camp... So, I am suspicious of education. My request is this: Help your children become human." This poignant statement became a catalyst, illuminating the profound responsibility teachers bear—the power to shape the lives of the future generation.

This revelation propelled me to redefine my role as a teacher, realizing that it goes beyond the impartation of subject matter; it is about shaping every facet of a child's personality. This paradigm shift led me to become a teacher trainer, driven by the belief that a teacher's attitude is the linchpin for effective education. My commitment extends beyond imparting skills; it encompasses molding attitudes that foster a conducive learning environment. Over the past 20+ years, I have had the privilege of training over 1000 teachers who share in this vision.

My mission is clear—to cultivate a community of educators who make a learner's journey relevant to real life, utilizing diverse approaches that delve deep into their understanding. The ultimate goal is to nurture able and independent learners who are equipped for the challenges of the future.

My vision extends beyond the classroom walls, aspiring to create passionate teachers who choose this noble profession with the aim of developing future adults into well-balanced, sensitive, and responsible global citizens. In pursuit of this vision, I recently embarked on a new venture—Sepals. This space is dedicated to realizing these objectives through programs designed with a practical approach, allowing teachers to internalize techniques and apply them in their unique ways.

Sepals is not just a venture; it is a testament to the unwavering commitment to creating an educational landscape that transcends traditional boundaries. As we embark on this journey, testimonials from those who have experienced the transformative power of these programs will undoubtedly become the voices that echo the success of this endeavor.

Sepals is more than an educational venture; it is a testament to the commitment to shaping the future of education. As we journey forward, the testimonials from those who have experienced the transformative power of these programs will undoubtedly become the voices that echo the success of this endeavor.

Gratitude to Healing Lights Award 2024:

In heartfelt gratitude, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the Nanhaa Gyan Foundation Pune for honoring me with the Healing Light Award 2024. This esteemed recognition serves as a beacon, illuminating the path of educational excellence and reinforcing my commitment to nurturing future generations.

Receiving this award is not just a personal triumph but a celebration of the collective efforts of the entire educational community. I am deeply humbled by this acknowledgment and pledge to continue my mission with renewed vigor, inspired by the recognition bestowed upon me by the Nanhaa Gyan Foundation.

This award serves as a testament to the shared vision we hold for the future of education – one that is trans-formative, holistic, and dedicated to creating well-balanced, sensitive, and responsible citizens. I express my gratitude to the Foundation for their unwavering support and commitment to promoting excellence in education.

Together, let us continue to spread the healing light of knowledge, compassion, and innovation, shaping a brighter and more enlightened future for generations to come. Thank you, Nanhaa Gyan Foundation Pune, for this esteemed honor and the encouragement to strive for excellence in education.

About Nanhaa Gyan Foundation:

Nanhaa Gyan Foundation, founded by Romal Surana, is a counselling center dedicated to empowering individuals and special needs by providing education, support, and opportunities for personal and academic growth.

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