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'Unleashing your Authentic Leadership' - Marketing Strategy!- Arunima Jha

LinkedIn for me has been a really interesting development in my career. It gives me the ability to talk to so many people.

I got LinkedIn during my law school but I treated it more like an online resume. I have recently started blogging about my personal stories and slowly I have started building an audience. Now, what I realised is that in the world of the internet which is overloaded with varying opinions and spin, it becomes harder to distinguish between what's authentic and what's not.

It's the science of psychology and you may ask why authenticity matters? Now being real is important for building relationships, creating meaningful conversation and innovation. It's about being your best self. It's about constantly evolving. The underlying reality is that the drive of being authentic and being the best version of ourselves is also dependent on the work environment.

Those innate positive vibes at your workplace will also help you grow. We need to adapt and while we all have unique ways of armouring ourselves, you need to find out what makes you happy? What matters to you? What's your moment of authenticity?

Those moments are inextricably laid to the practice of authenticity and that's why authenticity is important. There are two key aspects of being authentic -

1) what matters?

2) we must summon our courage when it matters.

Those are our defining moments of an authentic life.

As a lawyer, I try to stay relevant and I do that by talking about topics that interest people. I don't want to restrict myself as an industry sales rep. I believe in being a human being. I have always emphasized that when you be a human while interacting on social media, even though your potential clientele might not need you right now but your name, for sure, would come to their mind when they are looking for someone to resolve their problems. Don't fall for wanting of mimics or trying to replicate someone else's life. You got to figure out what makes your story unique because people are attracted to other people's stories, not corporate stories, but human stories.

Remember - "People do business with people they know, like & trust". I have also noticed that we do not realize the scale when we post something online. The scale is tremendous.

Traditionally, we lawyers have a narrow view when it comes to marketing. Outside the box, marketing is something that is effective and helps you develop the business and relationships. There's no fixed formula for success, it's all about being passionate about something that's in line with your personality, something that you enjoy. It's all connected.

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