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Slaying briefs and meeting your goals: Linkedin Feed From Arunima Jha

Advice for me means - putting the cart before the horse. I believe each person is different, hence their motivation is also different. Therefore, I don't advise on what one should opt for specifically as a career choice but yeah, if you're unhappy with what you're doing currently, then my advice to you will be that you need to choose between spending your time on things which makes you happy.

Since, I am a lawyer and a blogger both, while law excites me, learning about people management skills is something that I like to focus more on. I don't like to dabble on everything, therefore I focus on project management specifically and that is something that has helped me on the work front.

Also, shifting from a time model to a project model working style helps. You have to be flexible and understand why you're doing a particular project? Even if that means you have to spend those extra hours sometimes. That's my mantra for my work and that is what pushes me to do my work more effectively.

Being a lawyer & a blogger both gives me more choice and the confidence to do what I do. While I continue my law practice, pitching to businesses (leaders; rather than going through gatekeepers) & still allows me the option to have control over my writing. I am willing to put in the time, energy and extra efforts which are required to build on the knowledge base. Writing is good but putting in the work is fulfilling.

Sometimes, it also gets frustrating when you do all the right work but there seem to be limitations. I also like to help my friends with their projects and for free. Sometimes, I feel I learn more from working for free than when I charge a fee for my services. It's about being intuitive rather than following the traditional approach. You need to see and decide what works for you. Put in the hard work and determination.

I have started with setting up quarterly goals and working upon those. So at the end of the quarter, I can sit and analyze my growth. You need to enjoy your work for sure but it has a greater spend been helpful in my case. There's a whole spectrum about experimenting with innovation, it's harder than what you think it would be, in some ways it might even be tedious but it has helped me to learn a lot of things. It's like a deposition preparation, you need to be articulate with your ideas. I wouldn't have anticipated many of the processes or skills in general which are related to my law practice but writing has helped me feel more confident in the legal arena. It's about your writing styles. I feel my style is more conversational but the more I write, I develop better communication skills. There's an implied fear that the whole idea might not work even after having greater spends but that's alright as long as you're comfortable with the process.

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