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The Style World Recognized at India's Premier Influencer Summit for Redefining Digital Lifestyle

The Style World, a leading digital lifestyle publication, received accolades at India's largest Influencer Summit on Thursday, November 30th. The esteemed event at the ITPL Building honoured social media influencers for their impactful contributions to meaningful causes. In triumph, The Style World was awarded the prestigious Indian Influencer Celebrity Award for its unparalleled dedication to transforming the digital landscape into a more positive and productive space.

The award ceremony unfolded in conjunction with the grand launch of Essotto, an opulent recreation hub that promises to "redefine indulgence and leisure." This exclusive event seamlessly blended innovation, luxury, and entertainment, featuring the distinguished Bollywood actor, Aman Verma, as the chief guest.

About The Style World: A Premier Digital Lifestyle Publication

The Style World is a premier digital lifestyle publication, offering a meticulously curated guide across various domains. From the latest fashion trends and delectable global cuisine to inspiring travel destinations and expert lifestyle advice, The Style World is a one-stop destination for those seeking sophistication and exclusivity.

Highlights from The Style World: An Exquisite Blend of Lifestyle Content

Fashion: Immerse yourself in the world of fashion with insights into the latest runway trends, profiles of budding designers, and practical tips to incorporate the latest styles into your daily life.

Food: Explore global flavours through delectable recipes, insightful restaurant reviews, and insider tips from renowned chefs.

Travel: Embark on a global journey with features on the most stunning destinations, uncover hidden gems, and make your next trip unforgettable with expert advice.

Lifestyle: Stay healthy, fit, and chic with expert tips on health and wellness, beauty, and home aesthetics, all designed to enhance your overall well-being.

The Style World: Defining Exclusivity and Redefining Lifestyle

Thought-provoking, relevant, and always influential, The Style World defines exclusivity. The dedicated team of editors, photographers, and writers is committed to helping readers seamlessly navigate and blend trends, creating a unique and authentic personal style.

The prestigious award was presented to Shrishti Jaiswal, editor-in-chief of The Style World, a fashion design graduate from Nottingham Trend University, UK. Ms Jaiswal, with over a decade of stellar experience, embodies passion and knowledge in her craft. Her expertise extends across fashion, lifestyle, education, marketing, and branding, actively assisting individuals from diverse backgrounds to thrive as entrepreneurs.

Upon receiving the award, Ms Jaiswal expressed humility, emphasizing the publication's authentic journey aimed at connecting with its audience. She remarked, "This award encourages us to soar to new pinnacles of success, helping more individuals create a brand that is quintessentially and unabashedly them."


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