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DJ Simon G opens Up about his Musical Venture Fly High

DJ Simon G recently collaborated with singing sensation Soumita Saha for their sensational project FLY HIGH. The song started to trend on Meta Music library and was bestowed with red fire sign of ' popular now ' within 24 hours of release. The audio crossed 13K+ Streams on Spotify and reels started coming up on Instagram.Somehow the overnight success of FLY HIGH encouraged the Bong duo to nurture positive hope for their music video. The video also got immensely appreciated.In a candid  tete-a-tete DJ Simon G Aka Simon opens up about FLY HIGH. 

Tell us a little about how the idea of " Fly High" crossed your mind ?

As a DJ primarily focused on Electronic Music, my passion for world music has always been a driving force in my artistic journey. Growing up with my mother, a singer deeply rooted in Indian Classical Music, I found a profound connection and confidence in blending Indian classical elements with electronic and neo-classical sounds. The idea behind "Fly High" stems from the nostalgia of my childhood memories, making Indian classical music an integral part of my creative process. It's an ongoing experiment, and the track's drop section, filled with Tarana, reflects my dedication to seamlessly fuse these genres.

Using Carnatic Tilana in an English Original is rare, how perplexed were you when you wanted to experiment with this song ?

Honestly, it was  not a confidence loaded expiment to expect success on first attempt. Rather it is long a process and I am still in the process. Trying and testing again and again with different permutations and combinations as, the goal was to see these two genre to complimenting each other and not like one track is on its own and the other on a whole different beat. So, was a little perplexed , bit I knew what I was looking for. I am here trying and on the process to glue Indian Music with Electronics.Fly High's The drop sector is full Tarana , so a full phrase Electronic music is playing and the drop section is completely filled with Tarana. This is something I wanted to do for a long and we did it. I feel blessed that people liked it.

What made you think Soumita's voice could serve justice to your creation?

Soumita's classical training and unique vocal qualities perfectly complemented the vision I had for this track. Her husky voice and classical background added a dimension that elevated the entire composition. Working with her was a joy, and her impeccable vocals, especially highlighted in the drop section, contributed significantly to the success of "Fly High." We have more collaborations in the pipeline, showcasing our musical synergy.

We would love to know a little more about team " Fly High "


The production of "Fly High" was a collaborative effort. I handled composition, production, and lyrics, while Ritesh Roy, who is like a brother to me, masterfully mixed and mastered the track. Soumita's energetic inputs and experimentation during the process enhanced the overall quality. The collaborative spirit of the team truly flourished in creating this unique sound.

How did it feel when the song crossed 10k+ stream on Spotify and people started making reels on Instagram? 

Experiencing "Fly High" reaching over 10k streams on Spotify within a short span was surreal. The positive response across platforms, including Amazon Music and YouTube, has been overwhelming. The excitement and gratitude for the appreciation of hard work are beyond words. It's motivating to witness the song resonate with people.

Tell us a little about your up coming projects ?

Exciting projects are on the horizon. A surprise awaits with the Hindi version of "Fly High," and I'm also collaborating with Soumita on another track expected in January. Additionally, my band DESG is set to release tracks that blend Indian and electronic music, offering a distinct sound. I'm eagerly anticipating the release of "Teri Meri" from Writwik & Simon, a project close to my heart. It's non-electronic, which adds a new dimension to my musical journey.

My passion for merging world music with electronic beats continues to drive me. I firmly believe that, despite different styles, the essence of music remains the same worldwide. This belief fuels my desire to create harmonious compositions that seamlessly blend diverse musical patterns. I'm committed to composing and experimenting with new tracks, always seeking to create beautiful tunes that resonate with a global audience. Thank you for your support!


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