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The most beautiful phase in a woman’s life is when she is blessed with motherhood - Jyoti Parchani

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I think the most beautiful phase in a woman’s life is when she is blessed with motherhood God has given us this power that we can nurture a life within us and bring it into this beautiful world and like all mothers, I m blessed to experience this magic twice as I am a proud mother of two beautiful girls I always wanted my first child to be a girl but by the grace of Almighty my second child was also a girl

Though stereotype society showed sympathy towards me because I couldn’t have a baby boy, I and my husband were immensely happy to have both girls in our lives seeing them grow from nanhi pariyaan to sensible fearless young girls was a mesmerising journey for me as both my girls did a commendable job in studies, sports, and extracurricular activities.

Jyoti Parchani , Prakash Parchani , Diya Parchani Krisha Parchani

One thing that was restricting my joy was that both my girls were and are overweight, it’s genetic & I use to be obese earlier but now I have lost 22 kg weight. But when my girls were too young I realised that they are stepping back when it came to participating in any activity or competition nor do they were very keen to socialise I went through the reason behind this passive behaviour and was depressed to hear that in school & tuition they were becoming a victim of body-shaming and were teased as ‘ Moti ‘ haathi ‘ etc but then I gathered my strength and talked to my elder daughter Diya when she was in 7th Std and I kept trying for months to make her understand that you have to show these people that your capabilities are above all the physical judgments it was a tough task but I didn’t give up and as a result, my elder daughter started gaining confidence and showed remarkable performances in different fields. She won medals in cricket and other sports. Her academic result improved seeing her younger daughter also started taking interest in all the activities.

My elder daughter in her college enrolled for an international program named Xculture where she had to work as a team with 7 different students from 7 different countries with different languages but she qualified with flying colours. Thousands of students across the globe participated and she was among the first few who succeed and was also approached for coaching other students for the same program which she had joined as a student, this was her biggest achievement and after then she kept moving ahead and followed her my younger daughter, this was the most satisfying thing to me as a mother. Now my elder daughter Diya Parchani is a professional digital marketer and my younger daughter Krisha Parchani is a professional nail artist and is pursuing her BBA first year.

I am Jyoti Parchani now enjoying all the love, pamper, and attention from my beautiful Paris they encourage me to participate in different contests put their efforts to make me win those contests. They have motivated me to write this article I feel super blessed to have them both in my life. I urge society, never judge an individual by his or her physical appearance- You never know what they are capable of!


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