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I was born the day I chose to give birth to my daughter: Life Story by Preet Alingan

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It's time to Read A story by Preet Alingan in her words.

Love with Indomitable Courage can help you face and overcome every adversity

I was born the day I chose to give birth to my daughter .

A message I am conveying through my story covered by HumansofMumbai

Also taking the opportunity to thank everyone who has touched our lives for all the Love support and prayers

“I got divorced at 21. Being a polio patient & a dark-skinned girl, I faced discrimination by society...even from my husband. And so after 2 years, I left.

While fighting for my rights, I met a man who promised me the world & allured me with the idea of a family; I was 24.

He didn’t care about my polio or dark skin. He even asked me to move with him to Gurgaon. But moving cities was scary. When he assured me that he’d make me meet his parents & even marry me in a temple ceremony–I agreed. But we never legally married… that should have been my red flag.

2 months after, I found out I was pregnant. At first, we panicked, but then together, we decided to abort. But when the doctor said, ‘Aborting this child means complications in the future,’ I asked him, ‘Let’s make this legal?’ He agreed & we went to visit his parents. But they said, ‘Abortion karwa lo.’ When I didn’t relent they said, ‘Aisi ladki se shaadi nahi kara sakte.’ I was shocked!

But what surprised me more was him too insisting I get an abortion! I was enraged. Without anyone’s support, I was fighting for something 2 people were responsible for. With my disability, I didn’t think I could take care of the baby. So, I went to the police station, but there, they called me ‘bachhalan’.

I came to Pune & filed a case against him. An NGO took me in & helped me become independent. During my pregnancy, I fought the case. In between, I even welcomed baby Edah into the world! When I held her, I knew we were enough!

9 months after Edah’s birth, I won the case! Still, I chose to walk away from the alimony; Edah & I didn’t need negativity in our lives.

Meanwhile, I started catering dabbas to provide for us. And 7 years later, we moved to Dubai; I got a great work opportunity!

There, I also met my now-husband, Lakshmi! He worked through with me on my trust issues & bonded with Edah! At 33, I’d found someone who loved & respected me!

Today, 13 years later, I have got for the family I wished for I’m a mom to 2 beautiful kids & the wife to the most loving man!

I’m glad that despite being wronged several times, the 30-year-old Preet decided to march on! She now has the life she deserved from the beginning!”

Now I took up parasports at the age of 44, as a shotputter preparing for Paralympics.

See you soon with new aims, goals.

Have great positivity ahead


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