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Being a parent - a post from Shalini Sharma

This post is selected from a lot of enthusiastic female participants from a popular Facebook group 'Pari Hoon Main' with joyful administration by Santoshi B Gupta.

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Now Let's see what are thoughts from a woman enjoying this parenthood, none other than Mrs Shalini Sharma

Being a parent is just like a heavenly feeling no one can express in words. I am a proud mother of two daughters. if I talk about my journey as a parent it's passed through tough times when my elder daughter was born I was pursuing my studies and at the time of my younger daughter I got my first job and as a wife of an army personal it's difficult to manage all these things at the same time but somehow discipline and management helped me to do things in a meaningful way.

Raising two daughters in an unknown city was difficult but I choose to take care of my daughters with my job alone when my husband got his posting in another city. For me parenting is just not to provide them food, clothes education etc its to make them confident, so I help them to learn different skills to make them independent and strong for their life ahead. And I am feeling proud to tell about my daughters that now they are trained classical dancers, models, Taikwando players at the national level, NCC rank holders and many more.

Mrs Shalini Sharma with her husband Mr  Vikash Kumar and Daughters Sheryashi Shekhar and Vidya Shekhar.

Yes, now I want to tell each parent that doesn't pamper your child too much make them skilful personality, strong and confident citizens.

As covid 19 teaches us many things like values, ethics to take care of our health .so me and my children were busy in the lockdown period also by participating virtual competitions and the results were amazing, learnt coding, their dance classes were continued in the virtual model and super exciting is that my elder daughter started her virtual dance classes and many more.

That's it from Mrs Shalini Sharma, See you soon with new stories about parenthood


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