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The featured face of Umeed Awards : Dnyaneshwari Sonawane

Hello readers, this is Dnyaneshwari Nitin Sonawane. Studying in Std-10th class. I’m a residential student of Snehalaya. Next year I will be completing my 10th through NIOS. I love singing and reading I am also passionate about art. I sing and perform here at Snehalaya at several events and I also play the piano and I love the field of music. And I am also excelling in the technology field.

Here we have all the opportunities to choose our careers I am a blessed angel of Snehalaya… I feel reading books is the best way to spend our free time it helps us a lot… to increase our vocabulary memory power, etc. I also have a collection of books like Think like a Monk, How to stop worrying and start living, Wings of fire etc

I Thank NanhaaGyaan Foundation and UmeedParivar and everyone for giving a new rise of hope to every one of us who received this Umeed Award….Thank you and Everyone!

I feel blessed and proud to receive this award and to be part of your UmeedParivar Group…I’m truly grateful to all those who contribute towards my growth and are always supportive… I feel very blessed after receiving this award and I feel appreciated this is a great motivation and boost for me and all those who received this award. I got a new inspiration again to grow in my future….I thank everyone for giving me this opportunity and this beautiful award…. Thanks a lot deep down in my heart!!!

Life is challenging yes true, but it’s an individual challenge that a person faces, then it depends on him/her how to accept it whether positively or negatively…. Yes there are many hardships for a person with certain disabilities and everyone has one or the other challenge, all face it according to their capacity and capabilities…. Taking a pause is fine….but giving up is not a solution to the problem….facing it shows how capable the person is and it doesn’t matter what people think about you…..

Hard work will always pay off…! I cannot mention the specific incident because every day and everything is a challenge which we must face positively…..the most difficult thing for a person is to accept how he/she is born or met with an accident and disability occurred….but when a person accepts him/her as it is, there is nothing impossible or difficult for each one…we become infinite….! Everything is possible…!

Money, luxury, a big car, a big house or being popular doesn’t make anyone happier and satisfied…. Dreaming and believing in your dream that you can achieve what is your goal and what you have dreamt about…being focused, being determined, being passionate and being satisfied with whatever we have while working for whatever we deserve…! Is true happiness.

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At Nanhaa Gyan Foundation team has always worked to help individuals with their holistic development. And focused on their mental well-being through various workshops and services that we provide. Sva Eternal strives to create awareness about mental and emotional well-being, special needs education and human rights for all individuals.

The venue Partner Rupali Dhamdhere, Principal, Trinity International School, Kondhwa,

Community Partner Sejal Ray founder Taare Zameen Par, Food Sponsors Bachpan Preschool, Aboli Ruikar Path-Shaala preschool, Sangita Jhaveri- bachpan school Printing partners Printz, news and media partners CM News, Mahaj Times and Stay Featured have graciously joined the cause to create awareness and encourage more individuals to benefit from the platform.

Find the glimpses of the show on this link:

If you wish to contribute or get associated with the World of Blessings for these awards or any other causes in the future kindly connect with Rommal Surana, Founder Nanhaa Gyan Foundation on +917709047790 or Gayatri Chadwa, Founder Sva Eternal on +919167140727


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