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All about Aakanksha Patil- from Umeed Awards 2022

Dear Readers, The program UMEED AWARDS was all about recognising the contribution of specially-abled people... 25 awardees were honoured from different categories.

I was supposed to be there.

Let me introduce I am Aakanksha Laxmikant Patil, I am a B Com graduate from Mumbai University. I'm a specially-abled child since birth. Yes! you have heard right... I am specially-abled I am not disabled. I am a writer who wants to motivate others to live life to the fullest with what they have I had achieved many of certificates and awards in my academic career in the field of literature. I like e to write short poems,

short stories, shayaris and motivational quotes.

I have my quotes on your quote app too. I started my own Publication House " The Desire Publication" with very less community who always like to express

what do you feel... I like to shape life who feel they are good for nothing.

I am very thankful To "The World of Blessings" for giving me this wonderful achievement which will always motivate me in my hard times and to deal with people who criticize me still. I am very thankful to my dearest friend Pooja who always motivates me in my hard times and always supports me to do

something new..! I also thank Rommal Surana and Gayatri Chadwa Madam for honouring me in a very beautiful way in my absence. thank you for all your love and support! Keep supporting.

There are many such things which change my life never before. I had trusted people a lot in my past days and helped every individual with my whole heart without expecting they should help me because I am specially abled. I had been insulted why many of the people in my 'soulmate' term relationship which I think is a very pure and unconditional relationship.

Many of the people had come and gone in my life who had to make relationships with me just for the sake of my beauty and not for my disability. In my school days and college days everybody seats beside meaning because I know how to study notes systematically and not for the sake of friendship. I just behaved kindly to all and can never be rude to anybody in my life still even I am kind to my devil too. there are no words to express my feelings and my pain how I struggled passed out the nights the lots of pain in my eyes.

I had done many mistakes till now and I am still dealing with them. Always choose good people who motivate you and understand you in your life than you I will never feel down and you will never make any big mistake in your life or have painful days. I will like to tell my readers that trust less, share less, and attach less to the people with whom they feel unsecured and unhappy and who make them feel down.

Never share your secrets with the people you don't know what you are and what you are facing and what you are going through! share all the things with the correct person at a correct time who will always love you, care for you, understands you, supports you and never criticize you which what do you were then today...! that is known as 'A true Soulmate'. Be faithful to the person who related all your things whatever they may be, it will not harm your good relationship in future, try to accept each other rather than expecting each other now and then. I am also thankful for my success to my parent's younger sister too.

I am thankful to that one person who always supported me, accepted me as I am, forgives me all the time and still loves like mad that is the one my 'Soulmate' Akshay. I would like to say sorry to him because I know how much I hurt him. I love you a lot unconditionally....!

I did not know what should I do for all my mistakes but I make sure I will make your life more colourful despite all the pains. let's begin our life and balanced it with all the good memories rather than bad ones. whoever is reading please keep blessings with both of us for getting married!

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Do what you love, what you like and married the one who will see your ability than your disability. Once again Thanks to all of the people who supported me and love me from my childhood till now!

At Nanhaa Gyan Foundation team has always worked to help individuals with their holistic development. And focused on their mental well-being through various workshops and services that we provide. Sva Eternal strives to create awareness about mental and emotional well-being, special needs education and human rights for all individuals.

The venue Partner Rupali Dhamdhere, Principal, Trinity International School, Kondhwa,

Community Partner Sejal Ray founder Taare Zameen Par, Food Sponsors Bachpan Preschool, Aboli Ruikar Path-Shaala preschool, Sangita Jhaveri- Bachpan school Printing partners Printz, news and media partners CM News, Mahaj Times and Stay Featured have graciously joined the cause to create awareness and encourage more individuals to benefit from the platform.

Find the glimpses of the show on this link:

If you wish to contribute or get associated with the World of Blessings for these awards or any other causes in the future kindly connect with Rommal Surana, Founder Nanhaa Gyan Foundation on +917709047790 or Gayatri Chadwa, Founder Sva Eternal on +919167140727


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