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The featured face of Umeed Awards 2022 : Abhinav Ranganathan

Hello Readers, The program UMEED AWARDS was all about recognising the contribution of specially-abled people. 25 awardees were honoured from different categories.

Thanks for your continuous attendance

Hello, I am Abhinav Ranganathan from Pune. A graphic designer, graduate in Media Graphics and Animation from YCU Maharashtra.

I started my academics after early intervention by my mother with homeschooling. My mentor, guide, tutor, friend, therapist, and special educator all in one, Dr Giridhar from Chennai, whom I call lovingly Girianna is the leading light in my life. Who guided me in academics. From the age of Two and half years when I was diagnosed with ASD, my mother took me to various early intervention centres in Chennai, we met Dr Giridhar in Vidyasagar who took me under him to coach, guide and be my mentor.

I am 25 years now and still, Giri Anna keeps an eye on my progress and explores my strength pushing me beyond my limits, and encouraging me to my best performance. I am who I am because of Giri Anna, I would like to thank him for being always supportive and my guide.

I joined Sunderji institute where I studied for NIOS secondary. My teacher was Jumana madam. Sunderji institute was my first school.

I would like to Thank Sunderji institute, Jumana Madam and Mrs Masarrat Tavawalla Madam for their support.

I did my Senior secondary from NIOS by homeschooling where my mother was the teacher.

I learnt to use a computer at an early age on my own, my elder brother's computer, I am good at handling gadgets which comes naturally to me. With my interest in using computers and my natural ability to use software, I went on to do my graduation in Media graphics and animation through VEDA College on the Pune college campus.

I have done certificate courses, in the and bounding box, polygon tool, facial recognition which are used for artificial intelligence back-end data. I am looking forward to doing an assignment for the AI industry.

I have done my Microsoft Mentorship Program.

Now to the real story, I am a singer

Singing is my passion, I listen mostly to melodious Hindi movie songs and sing by myself. I like Sufi songs which are very soothing.

My father’s friend Shishir uncle and Reena aunty, are parents of Sagnik who is also on ASD. Both Uncle and aunty are professional singers, they regularly perform on stage. Shishir uncle encouraged me to perform on stage. He gave me many shows where I performed on tracks and also with live musicians.

Now I perform regularly on stage under different famous Banners in Pune.

I play harmonium and keyboard for which I had basic training. I also had a brief training for a short period in Hindustani Classical.

I have participated in online singing completion and received recognition.

My social media channels

Rewards: I have received my first best achiever award from Sunderji institute for academics.

I have received awards for participating in online singing.

I have participated in the Star book of World Records for singing.

Umeed Awards encourage all individuals with special ability to showcase fulfilment of showcase their talent to the world in various fields. I like to convert my special ability to motivate and encourage all to try their best to bring out their ability. We the specially-abled may be different from others, but overcome all challenges to lead a life of fulfilment. We have our right to get encouraged in this society stand up and get your right.

The Best Award I received is the ‘Umeed Awards’ organized by “The world of Blessings”. This award is special for me. I express my sincere gratitude for conferring me with this prestigious award.

I want to thank “Nanhai Gyan Foundation” “Sva eternal” “The World of Blessings” for this very inspiring initiative to motivate and recognise the abilities of specially-abled individuals.

Thank you very much for taking the initiative to create a safe and inclusive environment for all special needs children.

My sincere thanks to Rommal Surana and Gayatri Chawda for organizing this special award function

see you soon with the next milestones.

At Nanhaa Gyan Foundation team has always worked to help individuals with their holistic development. And focused on their mental well-being through various workshops and services that we provide. Sva Eternal strives to create awareness about mental and emotional well-being, special needs education and human rights for all individuals.

The venue Partner Rupali Dhamdhere, Principal, Trinity International School, Kondhwa

Community Partner Sejal Ray founder Taare Zameen Par, Food Sponsors Bachpan Preschool, Aboli Ruikar Path-Shaala preschool, Sangita Jhaveri- Bachpan school Printing partners Printz, news and media partners CM News, Mahaj Times and Stay Featured have graciously joined the cause to create awareness and encourage more individuals to benefit from the platform.

Find the glimpses of the show on this link:

If you wish to contribute or get associated with the World of Blessings for these awards or any other causes in the future kindly connect with Rommal Surana, Founder Nanhaa Gyan Foundation on +917709047790 or Gayatri Chadwa, Founder Sva Eternal on +919167140727


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