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Technology for the sake of technology will not survive: Mr. SGK Kishore,CIO-GMR Airports

Technology for the sake of technology will not survive. This was emphasized by Mr. SGK Kishore, Executive Director (South) and Chief Innovation Officer - GMR Airports at GMR Group, during his keynote address on Digital Transformation at the Impetus conclave held at HICC. The full-day event, aimed at driving digital transformation and empowering industries, brought together industry leaders, government officials, and technology enthusiasts.

Mr. Kishore described the conclave as a unique and timely opportunity for discussions on new technologies, embracing digital transformation, and the importance of remodeling businesses. He highlighted three aspects of digital transformation: digitization, digitalization, and the ultimate goal of digital transformation itself. For organizations to succeed, it is crucial to leverage digital technologies, improve bottom lines, enhance user engagement, and foster a culture of entrepreneurship among employees.

Drawing a parallel to Hindu Mythology, Mr. Kishore urged business leaders to view digital transformation as a process of creative destruction, where old practices are replaced with better ones. He emphasized the significance of collaboration and noted that digital transformation has played a pivotal role in transforming GMR Airport into a modern facility, increasing process speed, storage capacity, and overall service quality.

Mrs. Manisha Saboo, President of HYSEA and Vice President of Infosys, welcomed the gathering and stressed the power of collaboration in driving digital transformation. She highlighted the joint efforts of HYSEA and FTCCI in organizing the conference and cited Chat GPT, an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI, as an example of successful collaboration.

Mr. Anil Agarwal, President of FTCCI, expressed the need to encourage MSMEs to embrace digital transformation and stay globally relevant in the fast-developing Indian economy. He observed that while the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the process, more impetus is required to ensure the successful digital transformation of the MSME sector.

Throughout the event, industry experts emphasized the importance of digital transformation in staying competitive, reducing operating costs, increasing efficiency, and improving the overall customer experience. The conclave featured four tracks focusing on Agri-tech, Food Processing, Manufacturing, and Pharma and Healthcare industries, where participants discussed unlocking the potential of digital transformation and digital innovation.

The event also witnessed the launch of UTOMATR, a product developed by a startup, and an accompanying expo showcasing digital solutions from participating delegates.

With over 250 attendees, the Impetus conclave served as a platform for meaningful networking, knowledge sharing, and inspiring conversations about the future of digital transformation in empowering industries.


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