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Felicitation Ceremony of Class X and Class XII at VishwaKalyan School and Junior College

VishwaKalyan School and Junior College, Chikhali Pune, recently held a prestigious felicitation ceremony to honor the outstanding achievements of students from Class X and Class XII. The event took place on June 16, 2023, at the VEMS Activity Hall. The ceremony was graced by esteemed guests, Mr. Appa Borate and Mrs. Mridula Godake, who were warmly welcomed by the anchor, Miss Sudha Singh.

Among the esteemed attendees were Mrs. Neelam Mehta, the respected Director, Mr. Jitendraji Mehta, Chairman of VishwaKalyan School and Junior College, and Principal Dr. Deepali Shirgave. These distinguished individuals are renowned for their visionary leadership and their commitment to bringing about positive societal changes.

The ceremony commenced with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp, symbolizing the dispelling of darkness and ushering in positive energy. Following the lamp lighting, a Saraswati Pujan (a prayer to the goddess of knowledge) was conducted. Once the opening rituals were complete, the felicitation program began.

Trophies were presented to the top-performing students in HSC Class XII Science, HSC Class XII Commerce, and CBSE Class X. In addition, all the students who successfully passed their board exams in Class X and XII were felicitated by the distinguished chief guests.

The Principal, Dr. Deepali Shirgave, then invited Mr. Appa Borate to address the audience. Mr. Borate, a talented actor, captivated everyone with a trailer and behind-the-scenes footage of his upcoming documentary film based on the life of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule. His motivational speech left a profound impact on the students, who gained invaluable insights from his words of wisdom.

The ceremony continued with Mrs. Mridula Godake, the second Chief Guest, sharing her thoughts and inspirational ideas with the audience. Mrs. Godake, a former newsreader at All India Radio in Delhi and Pune, currently serves as a language consultant in the UPSC and as an interpreter in Rajya Sabha. As a member of the censor board, Mrs. Godake showcased her exceptional talent as a newsreader by presenting a news article on the Felicitation Program held at VishwaKalyan School and Junior College. Her oratory skills left the teachers, parents, and students mesmerized.

Expressing gratitude to all the chief guests and parents, Dr. Deepali Shirgave, the Principal, extended her best wishes to the outgoing students of Class X and XII. The ceremony concluded with Mrs. Shilpa Shinde delivering a vote of thanks, expressing appreciation to all the guests, the management team, Principal Dr. Deepali Shirgave, parents, teachers, and students for their presence and invaluable contributions in making the event a resounding success.


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