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Successful Conclusion of IDY2023 Summit: Strengthening India-Mexico Friendship with Yoga

Mexico City, Mexico- The International Day of Yoga 2023 Summit (IDY2023) concluded today with great success, uniting Indian and Mexican citizens to celebrate the profound influence of yoga, commemorate the messages of the G20, Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, and commemorate the 72-year friendship between our nations.

The summit, held on 21st June from the 1st Min of the Day to the last Min, showcased the harmonious collaboration of cultures and the shared commitment to holistic well-being.

IDY2023 witnessed a remarkable gathering of 1600 school students and the participation of two specially-abled institutes, underscoring the importance of inclusivity and ensuring that the benefits of yoga reach all members of society. The involvement of these young minds and individuals with diverse abilities added a powerful dimension to the summit, highlighting the transformative and inclusive nature of yoga.

We were honored to have the esteemed presence of H.E. Salvador Caro Cabrera, Federal Deputy in Mexico and President of the Friendship Group Mexico-India, as the Chief Guest of the IDY2023 Summit. His participation symbolized the strong bond and enduring friendship between our nations. His insightful remarks and support further underscored the significance of cultural exchange and collaboration in strengthening bilateral relations.

Dr. Abhinaw Raj, Director of Gurudev Tagore Indian Cultural Centre, Embassy of India in Mexico City, shared a meaningful message about the International Discussion of Yoga and India. His address resonated with the attendees, emphasizing the profound impact of yoga on mind, body, and spirit, and promoting the importance of embracing this ancient practice to achieve harmony and well-being.

During the 24-hour non-stop live event, another key aspect that highlighted the patriotic spirit and unity was the virtual participation of the Indian Diaspora from the UN Headquarters in New York. Despite being physically distant, the Indian Diaspora enthusiastically joined the event and expressed their patriotism by shouting "Jai Hind" (Victory to India) and "Vande Mataram" (I bow to thee, Mother) in unison. This display of national pride showcased the deep connection and unwavering love for India among the diaspora community.

The IDY2023 Summit served as an exceptional platform for individuals from both nations to come together and celebrate the transformative power of yoga. Through various workshops, demonstrations, and interactive sessions, participants explored different aspects of yoga, including its physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. The summit provided an opportunity to deepen understanding and foster cultural exchange, as well as to strengthen the bonds of friendship between India and Mexico.

"The success of IDY2023 demonstrates the immense power of yoga in bringing people together, transcending borders and fostering unity," said Darshan Patel, the founder of India Mexico forum.

The International Day of Yoga 2023 Summit marked an important milestone in promoting the transformative power of yoga and strengthening the friendship between India and Mexico. As we move forward, let us carry forward the spirit of unity and well-being that emerged from this summit and continue to harness the benefits of yoga for a healthier and more connected world.

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