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Sweetycat Press and Some More Literary Submission Recommendations By Writer Steve Lester Carr

As a Writer, Author or Content Creator, you need to have a good understanding of the submission of the right content or material for the literary world. That's why we interacted with an Author Who opened up about the Sweetycat Press and other submissions that will get results. Make sure you’re hitting every point on this list!.

Sweetycat Press began as a Facebook group launched by Steve Carr, a frequently published short story writer and novelist, in February 2020 to support emerging writers through providing tools for self-promotion and brand building. Toward that goal, five high-quality books (Who’s Who of Emerging Writers 2020, The Book of Books, I. The Writer, The Wordsmith Chronicles, To Be Or Not To Be A Writer) were published within a year that included essays and short stories from hundreds of writers worldwide.

Additionally, two Youtube productions were produced: In A Flash, reading by author Dave Gregory of flash fiction stories written by authors in the Facebook group, and The Poetics, a series of episodes where author Wendy Vogel read poetry written by the members. The books remain on with any money from the sales after April 1, 2021, to go toward the continued support of emerging writers. In A Flash and The Poetics remain on Youtube. The Sweetycat Press Facebook group began at the same time that the COVID-19 pandemic sprung up, leading to the Facebook group being shut down after a year in operation due to the pandemic’s impact on the Facebook group’s mission.

Not wanting to shut down his Sweetycat Press publishing imprint, and seeking other ways to support emerging writers, Steve quickly developed two separate arms of Sweetycat Press. The first was the establishment of an online literary magazine, Short Story Town, that publishes up to ten new short stories a month in an anthology-style format, where one story follows the next, in the same way, that an anthology is collated. The authors of the stories are paid, which isn’t generally the case for online publications. To date, 23 stories have been published, by authors worldwide. Short Story Town can be found at

The other arm of Sweetycat Press is the book publishing endeavour. It endeavours to publish novels and collections by emerging writers who have never had a book published along with books that highlight the accomplishments of emerging writers. So far it has published a YA novel, Beyond Wishes, by Joan Herr, and recently published Who’s Who of Emerging Writers 2021, and a collection of poetry by Mike Turner, titled Visions and Memories. Carried over from the Facebook group, the five previously published books can be found on the Sweetycat Press website. The website is

Sweetycat Press welcomes submissions from emerging writers who write short stories and narrative poems to Short Story Town, and contact, Steve Carr, at if you have a novel or poetry collection you would like me to consider.

Other Recommendations by Steve Lester Carr for Literary Submissions

There are literally thousands of online magazines, each with its own unique layout and specifications for what they are looking for. Five recommend by Steve are:

The World of Myth Magazine, which publishes a variety of stories of different genres once a month. It can be found at

Indian Periodical is an Indian publication that prints literary stories from authors worldwide. Their focus is on the global community, seeking stories that are universal in nature, with a special interest in stories set in Asia. Their website is

A magazine that in its layout doesn’t really look like a magazine is The Academy of the Heart and Mind accepts literary stories and like Sweetycat Press, caters to emerging writers.

A publication familiar to many,, accepts a wide range of short stories, flash fiction and poetry and is published frequently, with no real schedule.

Based in London, Schlock! Webzine publishes fantasy, sci-fi and horror stories printed in monthly issues.

For book publishers, this category is as broad as online magazines, and much less accessible since getting your book beyond an agent who is the gatekeeper for manuscripts to be submitted to larger, traditional publishers can be a real challenge, but there are some smaller traditional presses to consider looking into that you can submit your manuscript to directly.

At the top of that list is Clarendon House Publishers, run by founder, Grant Hudson, who also is a well-known name among most writers in the Facebook groups. He is unique, but somewhat similar to Sweetycat Press in that he also publishes a magazine that comes out once a month that has a superb layout, a wide variety of articles and stories, at a very reasonable subscription price and is sent to you as a PDF. He publishes anthologies as well as collections, novels, novellas and other works, mostly in the literary genre. The website for Clarendon House is

A name is recognizable to a lot of readers/writers in Impspired Magazine and Publisher, founded by and run with amazing efficiency by Steve Cawte. The impressive Impspired magazine, loaded with a wide range of stories and poetry, is published as an online magazine that is subsequently published in print form and sold on Amazon. The inspired magazine also publishes poetry and short story collections. Check Impspired out at

They don’t have a magazine, but Pure Slush, based in Australia, publishes anthologies and individual novels by a wide range of authors. It can be found at Their tastes tend to be in mainstream literary work, but that’s not entirely the case.

Flame Tree Press publishes anthologies with some of the most gorgeous covers on the face of the planet as well as novels by individual authors in the horror, supernatural, crime and mystery thrillers, science fiction and fantasy genres. Their website is

We hope, all the above recommendations will prove a great way to break into the publishing world.

We are waiting for your responses, feedback through comments.


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