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Every mind has an idea but due to different reasons, maximum people don't start their journey of creating something new or innovative. There are different reasons people don't start working on their ideas some of those are lack of funds, lack self-confidence, unable to find a partner, co-founder, and team, unable to find interested people to discuss their ideas etc all above-mentioned reasons could be responsible behind not acting on ideas and eventually their ideas get killed in their minds only so we have started with a motto of encouraging people to talk about their ideas to find co-founder, partner, investor and like-minded people from the community.

Generally, people are sharing their ideas on different social media networks but they are not getting expected responses so we have developed this platform to facilitate those who have dreams to create their empire. We have heard and any of us would have seen that two people from different locations and different countries become friends on social media, later fell in love and got married but is a portal where people from different parts of our country are coming together to discuss a common idea and start working on that idea, it means helping people to find their business mate.

We have developed this platform to create entrepreneurs from middle-class society because they don't have access to Sark Tank, Venture Capitalist, Angel Investor and Financial Institution. On anyone can invest in an idea and a startup, we are trying to create maximum entrepreneurs to achieve this goal we are providing free guidance to everyone. Hope our initiative will contribute to changing the lives of maximum people and will help to boost the economy of our country Says Ajay Vetal while interacting with Team Stay Featured .

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