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"Sopa Nasta Kahi "-is easy to understand if we know the importance of a relationship

As per a Recent Article by Business World, The famous tagline ‘Vocal for Local’ is not just limited to entrepreneurs and in the startup world, however, crossing boundaries, and emerging as a new sentiment, as far as regional content on OTT (Over The Top) platforms are concerned.

As per this news source

Akshay Bardapurkar, Founder of Planet Marathi said, "India is a huge country but its regional to its core, hyper-local content does well, it's always fun to see your stories being told to the world in a cinematic way." He also said that OTT is here to stay and grow, however, a huge responsibility lies on regional content makers and regional OTT platforms.

According to Google reports in 2020, a total of 90 per cent of people prefer searching in their own language. Needless to say, it has impacted the choice and decision of the people for everything including OTT viewing.

So to fulfil the need of the Mature Audience who prefers to watch Marathi Content that represents different shades of characters around us and takes you on the ride of that cultural, social transitional cockpit.

A fantastic web series by Planet Marathi Team and SquareOne Productions and Wiplawa Entertainments. Shashank Ketkar, Abhijit Khandekar and Mrunyamee Deshpande lead the series.

Mainly, the series is of five episodes and the subject line mentioned is very deep to understand, and yet the director and writer of the series Mayuresh Joshi managed to put all the screenplay under the roof of effortless dialogues.

"Sopa Nasta Kahi " is very easy to understand if we know the importance of a relationship very strongly.

The series opens with Anuja (Mrunmayee Deshpande) and Sumeet (Shashank Ketkar) discussing their wedding which is scheduled to take place the next month.

Then the twist takes place, Sumeet is diagnosed with Liver Failure, and the doctor suggests having an immediate liver transplant. Realizing that he doesn't have much time to live, Sumeet tells Anuja to leave him and let him die in peace. Anuja with a heavy heart leaves him and moves forward.

The series shows a leap of 3 years, and Anuja is married to Sameer aka Abhijit Khandkekar, here comes the twist with arriving of Sumeet again, and the situation gets complicated.

Well, thinking of screenplay, it must have been improved more, and also roles respectively for Siddharth and Sumeet too. But they have given their best to satisfy the role.

The series turns up-down when Anuja aka Mrunyamee Deshpande comes to a decision to live with both of them. She calls this relationship "Polyandry" a form of Polyamory.

They start living together and start adjusting between themselves. Their work-time, me-time, quality time with female partner aka Anuja.

The clashes and fights build them strong as Polyandry. These are the scenes shown till 3rd episode of the series.

As things were meant to get worse, the people around them start knowing that these things, they start facing problems, because of the "Log Kya Khaenge? " factor. When the parents get involved, Anuja makes a strong statement to live with both of them.

Mayuresh Joshi has worked on each character, showing the pros and cons in them, and also pairing them with each scene. The uncomforted level between the three clearly shows the writer's effort to put them in the mess, and also levels to get used to the situation of what exactly has happened and solutions to solve the clutter in relationships.

The last two episode makes a strong statement regarding the relationship these three are going through, while Anuja makes them happy by giving them pregnancy news. On a contrary, it gives the message that if a mother can handle three or more children she has, why cant a women live with two husbands?

Do watch it on the Planet Marathi OTT platform.

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