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Shiddat Amir Maner : Speech as a Special Guest at Aprajita -The Women of the year award 2023

In this galaxies of talent I am a little rising star. My name is Mrs. Shiddat Amir Maner and I am an accountant by profession but I am master in recording emotions and feelings in the books of life with the nib of heart.

Life was never been so easy for me especially when it was about achieving my dreams but I never put light on darker side of my life because I believe in enlighten every corner of it.

I take every challenge as an opportunity and every opportunity as blessing. And I believe in turning every blessing in to my success story.

And this international language fest at Poona college is nothing but the blessing of my life which I will always narrate as my success story.

I dedicate this piece of my success to my grandmother Shrimati. Vijaya Salunkhe as her upbringing and values made me the person who I am.

I would like to show all my gratitude to almighty and organisers of this event for the honour I received as a Special Guest and poet from team Eduthon amongst all respected and honourable authorities at Poona college of arts , commerce and science Pune.

On the occasion of international language and empowerment gathering I got a chance to recite my poetry ‘Gulmohar’ which touched everyone's emotions and appreciated by all respected guests and achievers.

The Sahitya Sangam & Aprajita - journey from aspiring to inspiring was an amazing initiative by team Eduthon and I feel lucky to witness all those success stories of successful women (Aprajita).

The best part of the event was listening importance & greatness of every language and it’s impact on our life and career.

It was mesmerizing to listen Principal Dr. Aftab Shaikh, Vice principal Dr. Imtiyaz Aga, Dr. Shakir Shaikh, Dr. Pratik Mungekar, Mr. Sagar Lokhande Mrs. Harshada Potadar-Bhave as honourable language experts & Guests while sharing their valuable piece of knowledge.

Light laughter poetry recited by Dr. Prachetan Potdar had added humour in the air.

Beyond the facilitation in Sahitya sangam as a Poet and as special guest my biggest achievement is knowledge and memories I collected from this amazing event as a parcel of life and for life.

Credit of big success of this event goes to complete team of Eduthon Dr Saravjeet Kirad, Mrs Bhawana Gupta , Dattatray Paralkar, Mrs Sweta Pankaj and Dr Akshay Kamble founders of Eduwrite Institute Anup Pohare, Gargi Anil Limaye, and student volunteers of Poona College Sohail, Nisar, Amir & Team.

Special thanks to media partners Stay featured & Samrudh Vyapar ,Mr. Dattatray Paralkar.

In coming future my goal is adding values to life’s by giving best out of my writing talent and my upcoming projects like ‘Khanak – Journey of women warriors’ and ‘Paachat – Novel of survival’ and many more.

You may connect with me through below links.


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