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Self-Awareness- Awakening to Excellence : Namrata Dhasmana

I remember the famous essay “Myself” whereas a school kid I use to write the same few sentences on the self of having my two eyes, a nose, two hands, and long tresses.

As time passes, I kept this essay on Self closest to my heart and kept the journey of my evolution with my strengths, passions, and got developed as an Empowered Influencer.

In the journey of my evolution, I started to make my own decisions make my own choices, and understand the consequences of every decision. I got developed as action-oriented. When I was nominated for Woman Skydiving Team, I learned to be deliberative like understanding the direction of winds. and respond to situations like opening the parachute. My left wrist was fractured in the 9th jump but since the selection of the team was in progress, I decided to get my wrist treated with a private doctor and developed my resilience at an early stage of life. While undergoing the Young Officers course a pony stepped over my ankle and I decided to make it so strong once it gets healed so that I am back on my long runs. And here my willpower was getting developed. On a whole, Namrata was getting developed as a Passionate Go-Getter and since I was mindful and conscious about every evolution and development the essay“My Self” was also continuously evolving with my innate talents getting transformed into strength.

The conscious navigation of the path of life where you are aware of your emotions, your strengths, and your values opens the door to opportunities. These are the major constructs of any and every persona.

How do we awaken our excellence is by being aware of our emotions which not only play at the conscious but majorly at the subconscious level. And when we are mindful and aware of our present, the subconscious mind receives signals from the present thoughts and emotions and converts that into reality.

Hence a simple process of being in NOW, being in present, being AWARE is the key to achieving a splendid and successful life.

How an understanding of emotions reflects your strengths profile and journey to success.?

After being aware of our emotions we reflect on our certain choices, the why of what we do, why we have a liking for certain things and why are we better at some things. Once we are aware of the activities which make us happy and empowering, we begin following them and we realize that we don’t have to put in much effort because of the joy that we are getting. These activities are driven by our emotions and backed up by our talents. And there we understand our talents.

Awareness of talents thus makes everyone unique as they represent innate potential and where you are genius. And when the talents are tapped, we tap on our potential to succeed. The understanding of talent makes us special and how we can use them to do exceptionally well.

Significantly, we know how to get empowered once we begin our strengths journey.

As phrased by Thomas Edison “If we all did the things, we are capable of doing, we would astound ourselves.”

How do we begin to flex our talents?

Talent is a natural way of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Like if your talent is Analytical- you might be a little serious and like to stay away from the crowd. Are you jovial and get the momentum going with your energy; which is one of the traits of having Positivity as your talent.

How good are you in staying connected with people will reflect on your number of friends, yes real friends with whom you go and hang out for coffee? You will have connectedness as your talent.

And yes, do you feel envious of your friend if they do well, how well are you using Competition as your talent?

When you decide to exercise these talents and transform them into strengths-based practice with a conscious awareness you create an Individual Development Plan to achieve success and create excellence in your life.

Be it to assimilate your new team and you want to function as an interdependent team or wish to embark on your entrepreneurial journey or mend any relation, the awareness of the talents always makes you aware of your Problem Statement. Then you aim to take the intentional steps to leverage your talents. Once you get the crucial insights you claim your empowerment.

Using your strengths to explore a goal or challenge not only makes you closer to your innate talents but also creates awareness about your behavioural patterns and there you get closer to yourself. With this closeness and awareness of yourself, you embark on the journey of success.

So be aware of your every thought, emotion and talent master them, and make them your Strengths is a simple process of Self Awareness.

So, Begin your journey of Empowerment and Excellence by Self Awareness and the journey of life!!

Major Namrata Dhasmana is the founder of EvoluTioon Strategies and Strength-Based Coach and a Gallup Professional. An Industry Expert and Thought Leader. She is a Leadership Coach and Trainer and develops people by unleashing their true potential. She is a Skydiver and led the River Rafting Expedition of 70 KM.

Major Namrata Dhasmana is Certified Global Leadership Coach, and Columnist.

She journals about the economic development of the country.

Namrata is closely associated to corporate and has been contributing to diversified industries like Mining, BFSI, ITES in the space of Leadership and HR

(3) She can be contacted at


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