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Real Life With Rouchelle Dabral

There is no specific age for bearing most of the risks and enjoying most of the rewards , Rouchelle Dabral is an epitome of this , So dear readers it's time to read out what she says

I'm Rouchelle Dabral, a 24-year-old entrepreneur venturing out with my brainchildren. As a serial entrepreneur, I have 2 startups and 1 initiative. They’re namely - Rouvolution: A digital Media company, Willing2Digital for PR services for small business owners and the initiative called ’Scale-up India’ which is to empower small business owners to scale up their existing businesses.

The one we are working on for content creators and artists all around the world is called "Rouvolution" which aims at building integrated digital content with creative individuals. We have an outreach in the States, UK, Malaysia and India as of now. We are building a talent community and platform for content creators to build their portfolio on our website that can help them monetise their skills by working with our associate startups and also share their talents with our community. We are both an ecosystem made for creators with a community-run by them. We also hold virtual open mic and poetry events, polls and content for constant engagement.

We are currently featuring various authors or poets and collaborating vastly with content developers while having explored various synergies with like-minded brands.

Coming to my own story, growing up I stayed in various cities while the varied exposure helped me develop an extraverted personality and a will to change the world in my own way through my creativity. Though I like to spend time ruminating a lot, I also enjoy going out with my friends, networking, exploring places around and travelling.

As for my personal interests, I have always been a creative and enterprising person; Fond of public speaking, painting, photography, volunteering, reading, Blogging, storytelling and going for adventures that include visiting destinations out of my bucket list every year!

One thing I do specialise in is writing poetry - I have been writing for the last 9 years now and maintain a blog to put up my poetry, articles and snippets. It is called the "Lithium Cure" link - and creating content on Instagram, Twitter and various other platforms. Generally, my style of writing is free verse poetry and in articles, I like to specialise in rhetoric writing. It's a constant learning experience but I love to explore new writing styles. A style that I'm still learning is the art of micro-fiction.

Being an enterprising person, my journey into being an entrepreneur started off in 2020

Apart from my love for reading and writing, I'm also actively a digital marketing consultant. I make strategies and usher small business owners manage their growth in the digital realm practically and with a set end result. There is always a purpose.

In 2018, I learnt of the great power of social media and especially Instagram for it has the potential to connect us with our role models and dream brands. I started sharing my travel pictures and some flatlays at that time and actively interacting with accounts and people who had massive followings. I'd find them through Keywords and searches. On youtube and back to these sites that made them so very easily accessible to me. It was a blessing in disguise. They mentored me to formulate my niche on this platform, approach brands for collaborations and how give the creative skills a fruitful spin into an exchange of services. Through trial, error and even working in the field of PR, I learnt many nuances of communication. Applying the same skills in the digital world is difficult due to the many variables it has, one being the user behaviour driven by big data, the algorithms and the flood of information or misinformation.

The juxtaposition between the virtual and real is very fascinating in the digital realm. It should right be a virtual extension of our skin and bones flowing into a world of dynamic visuals, codes and numbers. With a good approach like making a media kit, learning insights and designing content using tools with your creativity, you can become an influencer on this platform and get great job opportunities by being your own personal brand. The best way to succeed is to start small and then position yourself with a USP, your own originality. It will surely be reflected in your posts.

Having said that, I too am learning how to be good at so many things.

In the end, I would like to say that entrepreneurship is challenging but if you are a student of life, then you learn some and win some! I fondly recollect being a 15 year old and not knowing I would be here almost 10 years down the line. I recently achieved the 'creative entrepreneur of the year' award from TEOI (The Entrepreneurs Of India) and I like to think that I must have made my younger self very proud.

Dreams do come true and I am on my way to achieving mine through hard work and resilience. I wish the same for the one reading this article too!


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