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Ramagya Sports Academy hosts National level trials of Indian Navy Boxer Team

Being the pioneers of sports coaching in northern India, Ramagya Sports Academy aims to develop sporty culture and holistic health for all. The academy envisions meeting the increasing demands of the changing sports scenario of India by providing a holistic value-based sports education to emerging talent in NCR and felicitating its state-of-the-art infrastructure when necessitated by various national bodies. In this regard, Ramagya Sports Academy in partnership with NEGIs School of MMA hosted an event by the Indian Navy on the trials of the Indian Navy boxer team. The trials were conducted for age category 17 to 21 years on 27 & 28 March 2021 at the Mrsports complex of Ramagya Sports Academy. The chief selectors of the trials were Mayengbam Suranjoy Singh (ARJUN AWARDEE), NAVY COACH Anthresh Lalit Lakra (OLYMPIAN) NAVY COACH & Mr. S R Singh (Dronacharya Awardee) Chief Boxing Selector.

Ramagya Sports Academy was established in 2009 and within a short span of its existence; it has already established itself as the Best sports academy in Noida and is ranked amongst the top 10 Sports Academies in India. Ramagya Sports Academy, have the best coaches in town to turn everyone into a fighter, which makes us the best academy in the town. The academy is associated with NEGI’s School of Martial Arts which has over 2 decades of training experience in the sport of boxing. Not only that, the students at the academy are trained under the supervision of great masters who have been awarded by the Govt. of India. Classes are held for both kids and adults and are segregated according to their level of training. Other than boxing, the academy offers top-notch training in 35+ sports under the guidance of professionals who have won over 36000 medals. Furthermore, they are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and international facilities in the most congenial atmosphere. Their unceasing passion for providing a holistic value-based sports education for all has won hearts from all corners. For these reasons, Ramagya Sports Academy is considered to be one of the best sports academies in India.


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