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Mr Rahul Rane Stealed the Show -"Eduthon 2 - Sports and fitness "

2nd Edition of eduthon was completely dedicated to Sports and Fitness.

This event was cherished by Arena Animation Tilak Road as Design Partner,

Palingo Offical as a communication partner with an added favour of hosting from Mrs Bhawana Gupta.

Live Streaming and Broadcasting were effectively handled by Mrs Saravjeet Kirad and the entire team of ScholarsTree Educare Private Limited.

It was an amazing treat for our loyal followers to watch their favourite speakers sharing their views through our Facebook live stream.

From his busy schedule and achievements, celebrations Mr Rahul Rane , Face of LAZER X TECH, who are engaged in the sphere of Manufacturing, Exporting, Importing and Trading a range of Skates and Cycles and also a complete range of associated accessories.

He accepted an invitation from our team and gave a lot of positive vibes to our readers and participants.

His Feedback for Eduthon 2:

"It was very informative, many things to learn from all the experts and youngsters , it was a pleasure to be speaker list , Would love to meet up again in person , Thankyou very much for the opportunity to talk and part my knowledge with fellow Respected enthusiasts"

Who is Mr Rahul Rane?

  • 18 Years of Professional Coaching Experience including Roller skating Camps, International Exposure.

  • 18 Years of Professional Performance Experience

  • 22 Years Skater & Coach Competitive Experience

  • Skating Since 1987 (35 years in roller sports)

  • and a lot of countless achievements

His Approach :

Each coach has their approach, one particular variation is the difficulty of the goals that they set their players, although a difficult goal is good because it sets a high standard and shows a high level of ambition, there is a school of thought that it may also become demotivating if the player fails to get the fulfilment from achieving his targets.

Once I have gagged the skill of his players and set the goals of whatever difficulty they see fit, for instance, A player who manages a 50% success rate for his passing during training, may set the goal to achieve a 60% pass rate, which would be a good gentle progression, however, I may wish to set an ambitious goal of achieving 100% success rate for passes, this is also arguably unrealistic and goes against the S.M.A.R.T principles of training; (s)specific (m)measurable (a) achievable (r)realistic (t) time-based. Aside from setting players their individual process goals, 1 will want to set a goal for the team as a whole, this is commonly an outcome goal which is a goal that is focused purely on the outcome of the sport, I will set goals of different lengths, they may set them the long end goal, for instance, the aforementioned player may be encouraged to improve so he has a 100% pass success rate, however, coaches are advised that to get the best out of their athletes and for goal setting to be effective they should not only set an end goal of long term length which gives the player/s direction and something to aim for but intersperse current ability and end target with several other smaller targets, which increase in equal increments allowing the athlete to better envisage the process they are undertaking and gives them the fulfilment of reaching as many small goals as possible before reaching their end goal.

Don't forget to recall his complete talk on this link

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