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Publishers to look for in 2023- Muses_ Saga

1) Brand History

Muses_Saga started in 2021 and has published 16 books in various genres till now.

2) How and why did you get started in this line of work ?

Muses_Saga didn't start as a publishing house but as a poetry page. When the poets began to look for a publisher for their first anthology they realized that most self-publishing agencies charge a lot for the services they offer. Furthermore, their readership was students who couldn't afford to buy a lot of books. Additionally, they were aghast at the treatment of unsold books by larger publishers who weren't printed on demand. Hence, one of them Anjali Roongta decided to start a zero-cost publishing, free online reading, and eco-friendly publishing house to help others like themselves.

3) What are the biggest challenges you foresee in this role?

Being zero-cost and eco-friendly presents some unique challenges. Many printers have already conned us by charging exorbitant prices for recycled paper or giving normal paper and labeling it as recycled. Additionally, many tend to ridicule us for thinking sustainability in a business can work. Additionally, we put trigger warnings in all our works which are also laughed at despite promoting informed reading

4) How do you keep your team motivated in the face of tight deadlines?

Our team mostly consists of freelancers. Furthermore, we are a health-first organization and try to avoid tight deadlines and the anxiety they bring.

5) Share about products and offers.

We publish books from all genres at zero cost on recycled paper and in a print-on-demand system. We are eco-friendly publishers. Additionally, we offer a free online reading of said books for our readers.

6) Recent achievements

We have published 16 books in the year 2022.

7) Founder and core team profile

Anjali Roongta is the founder of Muses_Saga. She is a twenty-something who likes to read fanfiction and non-fiction. She has written over eight books in various genres, several of which are from the perspective of Siya, the protagonist of her novel Siya: A Suicide's Argument

8) Way to connect:



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