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Are you ready to "Lost in the Labyrinth of Love"?

As a Team Stay Featured in Collaboration with SMMH We want everyone to know where in the world you are, and the genre you’re currently writing and the feeling you're about to live with Disha Tasgaonkar's Lost in the Labyrinth of Love.

It's quite hard to leave to your comfort zone when you're popular with your weekly Instagram show "Bare Voices with Disha "- an open platform for newbie artists, authors to interact with the audience through Dm or live performance. Yet She did it through this book.

The thing takes time and not a little effort when you're explaining about the shading of meaning with true colours of life a smartly encompassed buildup of multiple possibilities as well as an understanding of experiences within few pages

Finally, the wait was over when she came up with a book that includes not only lines but also meaningful illustrations and conversation with oneself till the end.

As an Author, She leads by example when it's important to get past being scared so you can learn new things

this is pic posted with prior permission of an author Disha Tasgaonkar featuring herself 

It's me, it's you, it's us after all everything is relatable and it's all set to Lost in the labyrinth of love

Lost in the Labyrinth of Love - It's not just a set of poems. It's a hidden story that echoes the thoughts of loss, rupture, strength and sacrifice altogether within 100 pages.

After getting featured in over 20 anthologies, Author Disha Tasgaonkar began her solo journey expressing the agony, beauty, complexity of human emotions

She is well known for her linguistic experimentation on how to do something is by immersing yourself in it. We must give credit to her choice of illustrations along with every poem.

We would like to recommend "Mahogany Eyes", "Take me Back "and "Happily ever after Isn't a Myth " as a Treat for every poetry lover who is also an admirer of short stories.

The Important highlight of this poetry collection is every attempt is just out of comfort zone. Author Disha Tasgaonkar crafted the flow without disturbing the reader's mind and choices.

Some pieces like "A Lost Childhood " and " I am done pretending "is some of the most challenging attempts where she opted to write poetry about the same instead of narrating some regular short stories. It's always difficult to write complex emotions in real-time without any prejudice or grudges . this is one of the Key USPs of "Lost in the Labyrinth of Love".

"And That's Okay " is the piece where Disha managed to surpass high expectations and be nothing at all like we expected before like any other book. This book is not about the protagonist or antagonist as it explains some sentiments beyond judgement or attachment with detachment.

Team Stay Featured would like to convey best wishes for her future endeavours and path with incorporating creativity by all means

if you want to order this book right away here's the link

If you want to follow her on Instagram and wish to participate in "Bare Voices with Disha" just follow this link


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