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Promoting Organic Farming and Animal Welfare: The Story of Mrs. Vijaya Shivaji Ghule

Meet Mrs. Vijaya Shivaji Ghule, a dedicated entrepreneur who is making strides in the field of organic farming and animal welfare. She is the proud owner of "Samruddhi Organic Vermicompost," a business partenership with Mr Shri Kanhaiya Ratan Prasad Dube that specializes in producing high-quality organic fertilizers, and she also runs "Shree Krushna Samruddhi Go Palan Seva," an organization devoted to caring for cows in need.

Mrs. Ghule's business focuses on the agriculture sector, where she creates vermicompost from press mud, cow dung, and earthworms. This process results in an entirely organic product that benefits the soil, contributing to more sustainable farming practices. Samruddhi Organic Vermicompost offers not only traditional vermicompost for agricultural land but also cubes, beans, and sticks designed for flat-based pots and terrace gardening.

As part of her commitment to organic farming, Mrs. Ghule is enthusiastic about promoting these environmentally friendly products to a wider audience. She hopes that by participating in exhibitions, she can spread the message about the benefits of organic farming and encourage others to adopt these practices. She is grateful to Surabhi Mam for providing a platform to showcase her work, and she wishes success to Ridaan Creations, a fellow entrepreneurial venture.

Beyond organic farming, Mrs. Ghule's passion extends to animal welfare. Through Shree Krushna Samruddhi Go Palan Seva, she rescues cows destined for the butcher and ensures they receive proper care and nutrition. This initiative reflects her deep respect for the most beautiful creatures in nature, the cows, and her desire to give them a better life.

Mrs. Ghule's story is an inspiring example of how entrepreneurship, organic farming, and animal welfare can come together to create a positive impact on the environment and society. She is a testament to the power of dedication and compassion in building a better future.


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