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Unveiling the Artistic Odyssey of Surabhi Aplesh: Entrepreneur, Visionary, and Artistic Luminary

Embark on a journey with Surabhi Aplesh, a dynamic force blending entrepreneurship, family, and artistry. From the cultural hub of Azamgarh, U.P., Surabhi inherits a legacy of creativity, with a lineage of singers and artists shaping her artistic path. Mastering over 10 art forms, holding a Prabhakar degree in Indian classical vocal music, and excelling in healing and Tarot card reading, Surabhi radiates a passion for art as a certified traditional & contemporary art teacher.

In 2012, Ridan Creations emerged, a fusion of her sons' names embodying the essence of exploration and perfection. Specializing in traditional art forms like Block Printing, Madhubani, and Pichwai, alongside contemporary expressions including Decoupage and abstract paintings, Surabhi's artistry captivates audiences nationwide through exhibitions and online showcases.

Beyond her creative pursuits, Surabhi's altruism shines through teaching the underprivileged, embracing diverse art forms, and adventurous travel, enriched by her husband's unwavering support. Her indomitable spirit and adaptability are epitomized in her role as the Marketing Head of a prestigious Pune-based firm, reflecting her philosophy of seizing life's opportunities with gusto.

Guided by the mantra "Life is too short to worry, fill it with colors of love, friendship, and follow your heart's desires," Surabhi's narrative is embellished with recent accolades and nominations, marking her ascent in the realm of art and innovation.


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