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Power of Words in Life- Shivani Bhardwaj,

We remain so unaware of the power of our words, and utter them without giving them an ounce of thought, little it is that we realise that our actions, words & stupid jokes impact people and influences their beliefs about their esteem and integrity.

Imagine somebody out there believes he’s a loser just because of you, because of a joke, a meme, a comment you made just to look cool or funny in front of your followers, but not everyone born with thick skin, not everyone can withstand the harsh criticism.

Some are more vulnerable than others and become easily overwhelmed and disappointed in themselves. Your words could be a reason for someone’s heart to shatter, for someone to cry all night long. It can damage & traumatise someone beyond where language can reach and could scar someone for the rest of their lives. We refuse to even countenance the idea that some just have to struggle much more to reach minimum expectations.

We all err, we’re all trying to figure out life, but instead of pouncing on someone’s flawed understanding for a more giggle, try to make them aware about their flawed understanding not by mocking them but with empathy, favour privacy and advising them, a little introspection into someone’s behaviour can reveal how they’re just staggering along to decide things on a basis of no knowledge.

Did you know everything that you know now all the way along? Knowledge isn’t something we are inherently born with, we all learn by trial and error and while we’re all in this trial of life let’s rectify the errors of one another with love and empathy, the empathy we speak endlessly of but refuse to act upon when it’s required. This single alternation in our intention, let alone our behaviour, could improve a lot of things around us.

Don’t be a reason for someone’s misery or sorrow. Don’t let the belief of superiority of the knowledge or facts that you’ve gathered be stamped all over your existence. Instead, put your knowledge & insight at the service of others and help each other to grow.

The process of growth is a process of cultivation that we consciously and actively choose and while you’re making that choice for yourself, choose the same for everyone else around you too & contribute to each other’s accomplishments.



(Educator, Researcher and Writer)LinkedIn


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