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ORANKS INFOTECH Wins the National Quality Excellence Award in India

One of India’s leading SEO & ORM Company, ORANKS INFOTECH has won the National Quality Excellence Award for delivering excellent SEO & ORM services in India and abroad. Oranks Infotech received the award from Praxis Media Group.

On the back of its advanced SEO service, Oranks Infotech helps brands bring their website to Google's 1st page with relevant business search queries. This enables the companies to increase traffic and generate leads. With our state-of-the-art ORM services, we build/repair the online presence of brands and individual such as Politician, CEOs, Directors and Celebrities, on Google search.

According to Mr Khalid Gaur (Co-founder of ORANKS INFOTECH), we strive to deliver quality work that is at par with industry standards. We provide website development, SEO, ORM services in India & abroad under one roof. We are thrilled to have won this prestigious award, which is a demonstration of our clients’ trust when embarking on their digital transformation journey. The company, which has an experienced team, goes beyond the scope of work to meet its client's expectations. In the initial stages, we were a bit apprehensive due to the competition in this industry. The industry is witnessing the regular launch of new companies, but Oranks Infotech is way ahead in the competition because it comprises a team that has rich experience and has worked with some of the leading digital companies. Our technical and communication team is making concerted efforts to working make Oranks Infotech to greater heights. Oranks Infotech delivers 100 percent results with a client retaining rate of 98 per cent. In the times to come, we are looking forward to work with leading brands in India and abroad.per cent

By working with a brand like Wave Group, Adarsh Group, TrusSox, Meizu India, we have been able to deliver our best services. Special thanks to Praxis Media Group for this prestigious award and long-standing relationship.


ORANKS ( began operations in 2017. Within a short span of time, the company created a strong reputation because of its excellent SEO, ORM, website development service and strong professional team. Currently, we have 20+ employees and highly experienced team leads who have worked with some of the leading conglomerates like Wave Group, Reliance, Adani, DLF among others. The company has been delivering state-of-the-art services to its clients on the back of rich experience and advanced level tactics/strategies.


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